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Top 10 Ways to Spot a Hippie

Published on 25 June, 2013 at 6:54 am By

The hippie culture has been around for ages. Though its origin dates back centuries, it is only relatively recently that they have gained following and widespread recognition. Originated in Europe with the idea of being different from the organized social and cultural clubs at the time, hippies of the yesteryears promoted amateur music and performances as opposed to the formality of traditional theatrics. The culture slowly and steadily caught on and has grown to full blown proportion now-a-days. Thought of as repulsive by many, hippie culture is all about youth trying to break the shackles. They can be seen more openly and frequently now and almost always carry tell-tales signs of being one. Here are the top 10 ways to spot a hippie.

10. Dry, Long And Unkempt Hair:

This is, by far, the most defining trait of a hippie. Long and unkempt hair that looks like it hasn’t been washed or combed for a really long time, often arranged into the weirdest of fashions is one thing you will find common with all the hippies. More often than not it is adorned by a flower of some kind too.

Dry, Long And Unkempt Hair

9. Flaky, Ashen Skin Appearance:


There may be several reasons for this. One may the unhygienic conditions in which hippies generally flourish. Another might be their complete abandonment of animal proteins and products which leads to skin losing its natural sheen and color. Whatever the reason, it is another very commonly found attribute with hippies. In fact in has been generalized and associated with being a hippie that upon seeing a shabby appearance, one automatically starts thinking of a hippie culture in the base.

Flaky, Ashen Skin Appearance

8. A Disposition Towards Philosophy And Vagueness:

Most of the hippies, if ever you go up and talk to them, talk in vague terms and use a lot of philosophical jargon, even if it has nothing to do with the topic at hand. That is a tendency they develop owing to the carefree way of life they have adopted and the devil-may-care attitude. There is no way you could reason with one about the validity of their words, because they are speaking a different language altogether, one that a common man doesn’t like to mess with, that of axioms and doctrines.

A Disposition Towards Philosophy And Vagueness

7.  The Dress-Up:

I believe everyone would have seen an individual around on the streets in shabby clothes with grungy footwear. While the clothes are mostly ragged, the waders are downright basic, sometimes not even present. You can see the hippies (supposed) walking down the road in the worst possible array of clothing ever, and with clogs to match. It is really one of the most noticeable oddity. And to add to the appearance, the clothes are always baggy and ill-fitting.

The Dress-Up

6. Duff Packs:

You wouldn’t spot even a single hippie without one of these around their bottom. These are invariably present and prominent and used to store God knows what. A safe bet would be some Vegan food and some of the precious California Sunshine, if you know what I mean. There is no certain way to know what they hide in those packs but it forms an integral part of the attire and image.

Duff Packs

5. Head Bands And Funny Hats:

Another characteristic feature of hippie that would easily help you spot one is the presence of a headband. I don’t know what it is with the people of this cult and the headbands but it is consistent with their character. It is generally used to tie up the long and often disheveled hair they have. There seems to be no other practical use except to maybe enhance the image of being a typical hippie.

Head Bands And Funny Hats

4. Apparent Inclinations Towards Spirituality:

At least it would outwardly appear so. They are always lost in a realm of their own, appearing to be in some sort of meditative trance. But that may also be because of the LSD they are rumored to be consuming quite frequently. Be that as it may, they always appear to be in a haze, totally incognizant of the world around them, not caring one bit about the hippie vibes they are giving out.

 Apparent Inclinations Towards Spirituality

3. Loads Of Paraphernalia That Seems To Be Futile:


I don’t understand what it is with hippies and junk, but there always appears to be lot of it around them. And it is not just stuff; there are all sorts of objects and personal effects which seem to serve no purpose and are there just for the sake of it. Lots of baggage, woven baskets, some sort of art stuff and what not. It would appear that hippies suffer from some kind of material fancy. They just love to amass junk, and loads of it.

Loads Of Paraphernalia That Seems To Be Futile

2. Practicing Some Sort Of Art-form:

You would always notice the hippies practicing some art-form, be it an instrument of music or a paintbrush or a piece of pottery or craft. And a lot of it is unfinished as they don’t quite know how to handle the guitar or the brush or the clay with the requisite finesse. They just sort of like to keep themselves busy with the illusion of being creative, though this doesn’t mean they aren’t aesthetic as a group. You will find certain hippies to be exceptionally talented when it comes to art.

Practicing Some Sort Of Art-form

1. A Strong Dislike Towards Anything Representing A Hierarchical Structure:


This is by and large the most unifying feature of the hippies. It is sort of there in hippie blood to be in total conflict with anything that is built to suppress and that is exactly what they think hierarchy is aimed at. The basic philosophy of hippies dictates opposition to structured organization and they thrive in breaking the shackles. They like to be individuals rather than socially formed groups and a rebellious nature is prominently seen in all the hippies of the world.

A Strong Dislike Towards Anything Representing A Hierarchical Structure


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