Top 10 Ways To Make Your Crush Like You Back

7:50 am 2 Sep, 2013

Some of our crushes last only for a few seconds, while some of them are bigger and stay in our heart for much longer time. Sometimes we get so desperate and insane when we fail to come under our crushes’ notice, and we, in haste, tend to make things worse by taking some wrong steps. Well, at your service then! Here we go with 10 steps that will definitely help you to get you crush’s attention.

10. Spread the word and finally initiate a conversation:

Talk to a common friend, and give him/her some hints regarding your interest in your crush. When this friend tries to dig further (which he/she would certainly do), tell him/her that you’ve noticed this person staring at you. Smart, isn’t it? By doing this, you’ll turn the whole game around. This will make your crush realize that actually they are the ones falling for you. This will finally turn your one-sided crush into the attraction and infatuation from both sides. Now, talk very nicely with your crush, try to show them that you are kind, and caring. And one more thing towards the end- don’t force yourself to take up all of your crushes’ likes and interests. After all, unlike forces attract. Not the clones!

Spread the word and finally initiate a conversation

9. Have some opposite sex friends around you and make sure, your crush notices you talking to them:

Try and have subtle flirt with your friends; that’s quite noticeable to your crush. You need to show them that you are in ‘High Demand’ and they need to take some initiative to come closer to the most popular, kind and extremely lively person. But make use of this inborn instinct (jealousy) effectively; don’t let it ruin everything you’ve done so far.

Have some opposite sex friends around you and make sure, your crush notices you talking to them

8. Befriends with your crush’s friends:

Another crucial and smart move. By doing this, you’ll increase the probability of having conversation with your crush. At some stage, you will find your crush and you in the same circle. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and talk. But, a bit formally as of now. However, NEVER commit the mistake of USING his/her friends to get them.

Be friends with your crush’s friends

7. Discrete eye contacts:

Amidst all the above preparations, you need to maintain proper eye contact with your crush. Make sure, you don’t forcibly try to catch your crush’s eyes; otherwise you’ll end up ruining all the chemistry you’ve built up so far. One healthy advice – don’t exchange glances with your crush in front of his/her friends. Because, if friends start teasing your crush with your name, your exciting and magical secret game may turn into a boring one.

Discrete eye contacts

6. Casually bump into:

Yes! You got me right. A bump into your crush should seem like a pure accident – don’t commit the mistake of making it obvious. After you guys have had this magical bump, bring out your power tool – say ‘sorry’ with a smile and look at them with some glare in your eyes, for more than a second. Now don’t just lose yourself then and there. Gather yourself up, turn around briskly and slip off from that place.

Casually bump into

5. Smile:

Here’s a trick. Look at your crush discretely for a micro second, turn your eyes away as soon as you as feel that your crush is going to see you, and then, smile to yourself. It has to be a beautiful smile, just a bit like you had a funny thought. A smile can do wonders.
This act will initiate the building up of chemistry between you two.


4. Play hard:

This is one smart way to make your crush want YOU badly. Never trail your crush or behave like you’re always around to work as they command. As already suggested, show them that you have your own life and you are pretty busy with your own stuff. Never let them feel that you are a ‘Vella’; who is easily available. This works… really!

Play hard

3. Keep in mind “The Do Nots”:

Sometimes, in over excitement, you make  few mistakes that may turn off your crush in the beginning itself.

Here are a few mistakes that you cannot afford to make at any cost.

  • Don’t drool at your crush when they’re around.
  • Dare to stalk your crush.
  • Don’t be so curious to check out your crush’s every single move. It may appear quite enticing, but stalking your crush and moreover, making it appear obvious to them may shatter your dreams to date your crush in future.

Keep in mind The Do Nots

2. Maintain your looks:

You need to look good and approachable when your crush is around. Polish yourself up. Be well-dressed. Show off everything you are good at. Try and look your attractive best and never stiffen yourself up when your crush goes past you. Be a sport. Let your crush yearn to know a fun loving, attractive and an enthusiastic person like you.

Maintain your looks

1. Build the foundation:

The first thing you have to do is ‘come under your crush’s light’. You need to get their attention and have to make them feel positive about you. You need to show that you are an interesting person, who is jovial and happily enjoying life. For coming under their positive light, you may try these points:

  • Try and appear like the world revolves around you.
  • Laugh out loud every time you see your crush is around.
  • Exchange gaze for a few microseconds with your crush. Remember, never stare too hard.

Build the foundation

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