10 Ways To Make Her Laugh

6:10 am 4 Oct, 2013

Humor is by far the best way to impress a girl. Girls die for that witty sarcasm and that ability to crack jokes in a gathering. Let humour come naturally and then you will see that girls are swooning over you. Scroll down to have a look at the 10 best ways to make your girl laugh.

10. One-liners:

Now this is a dicey one! You should practice one-liners in front of your girl but the thing is that they should not sound lame. Many a times boys end up impressing their girl by saying lines like, ‘do you have a map? I got lost in your eyes’. Well, this type of lines will never-ever impress your woman instead leave a very dump notion of yours. So be very clever while choosing your one- liners and make sure that you are able to make your girl laugh in a gloomy situation.

Top 10 Ways To Make Her Laugh

9. Silly jokes:

Cracking silly jokes can be humorous sometimes. Grasp the environment around you and make sure that you crack jokes which fit in the conversation. In a desperate attempt, most of the times guys seem to uselessly say things which they believe are humorous but in reality they sound dumb. Girls love silly jokes but you have to be smart enough to make a choice about when and where to use them.

Top 10 Ways To Make Her Laugh

8. Fun activities:

Girls love doing the fun activities, which are adventurous as well as funny. So, if you want that the woman beside you should laugh with an open heart, take her out for a town ride or jump off a cliff together. Sometimes doing the weird things will always help in bringing out that humorous side of yours. And if your girl has that adventurous streak in her, then the fun just doubles up!

Top 10 Ways To Make Her Laugh

7. Tickle her:

Tickling your girl is the best way to make her laugh. Make sure you know her well enough before you tickle her on the waist or somewhere else. You will have to have a comfort level with her before you do anything of this sort. It’s a sure-shot way that will make her laugh as it is very hard for anybody to stop laughing when they are being tickled.

Top 10 Ways To Make Her Laugh

6. Funny e-mails and texts:

Funny e-mails and texts always make a girl laugh. Gather her interests and then look out for humorous material on the web that matches her thinking. Keep sending her that matter at regular intervals. It will make her laugh as well as think about you always.

Top 10 Ways To Make Her Laugh

5. Expressions:

Your facial expressions and body language will always help in making your joke all the more funny. If you have those right expressions, then the listener will automatically burst into laughter. Girls love those guys who have a great sense of humor and that ability to enhance their funny content with the right kind of visage.

Top 10 Ways To Make Her Laugh

4. Type of humor:

You will have to be really clever in noticing that what type of humor your girl likes. Not all women laugh to the adult jokes, some of them find them creepy. So, be wise enough to understand what kind of jokes to crack in which gathering.

Top 10 Ways To Make Her Laugh

3. Do not be a personal clown:

Every girl loves the humorous side of the guy but you will have to be smart enough to be able to draw the line. Don’t keep on cracking jokes always, try and have the normal conversations too. If you just portray your humorous side then no one will try to know your actual self and will always treat you as a clown.

Top 10 Ways To Make Her Laugh

2. Make fun of yourself:

Are you the most humorous guy in your group? If yes, then the first quality you should have is to make fun of yourself. Never get offended when somebody else cracks a joke on you instead in between the lines keep on speaking the funny things about yourself. Girls love the guys with such an attitude.

Top 10 Ways To Make Her Laugh

1. Insult-free jokes:

Always make sure that the jokes you are cracking in front of the women are not insulting in any type. Many a time’s guys don’t realize and their funny actions can hurt someone. You have to know the difference in the type of jokes you can share with your male friends and the type, which you can share with your female friends.


Top 10 Ways To Make Her Laugh

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