Top 10 Ways to Live Longer

Updated on 15 Jun, 2018 at 4:23 pm

One shot at life, one crack at the wonders of this world and one try at being with people we love is what our itinerary on this earth looks like. Hence it is nothing short of blasphemy to waste it. We can’t defy death but wouldn’t it be worthwhile if, with some efforts, we could ensure a long and enjoyable stay on this planet of ours? Undoubtedly! So, without further ado, let me introduce you to some ways of increasing our life expectancy; some ways of extending our trip on earth as long as God wants us to stay here.

10. Have lots of children:

Yes, sounds strange and ludicrous and I agree! But a study has found that women with four or more children are likely to suffer less from cardiovascular diseases and strokes. In fact the odds are weighed one-third and half against those that don’t. To India this seriously is like shooting family planning measures in the leg.

9. Move away from the city:

City life and its accompanying stresses are ample and make a hard life even harder. Lack of social ties, shared life experiences or just plain old ‘me-time’ are characteristics of the fast urban life while the pace of life in country sides is more conducive to a good and measured life. Various studies around the world have suggested that people living in rural areas generally live longer than those in big cities. In fact the difference is of a whole two years! Imagine what could be done and accomplished with that much extra time on hand!

8. Be optimistic in life:

Many might regard it as a placebo but research has proved that people with a positive outlook towards life tend to suffer less from anxiety and stress related disorders. Since most of the life threatening and chronic diseases have some sort of link to our stress levels we can’t deny the bearing high pressure situations have on our life. It has been often seen that pessimists are more prone to physical health problems and emotional stress. So the message is clear: Be optimistic in life!

7. Make plenty of Friends:

In schools we have been taught that heath is a state of physical, mental and social wellbeing but we often fail to maintain a balance between the three. Since our social well-being has a lot to do with the friends we have and the company we keep; the importance of friends is further elevated.  People with an active social circle tend to be happier, healthier and hence live longer.

6. Consistent Sex:

Believe it or not, having regular sex does add to the chances of longevity. It is no secret that regular sex improves heart health, brain power, burns calories as well as gives your immune system a boost. In fact studies in Europe have shown that men who had active sex lives and were also faithful to their partner had fewer heart problems and lived for longer. Need I say more?

5. Eat Chocolates:

Based on a research by Harvard University, people who eat chocolates live longer than those who don’t. Of course, the balance should be maintained and it should be taken in moderation but having sweets and chocolates does add years to your life. You could live three times more than those who either don’t eat chocolates at all or eat them in excess.

4. Happy married life:

Yes, no matter what the detractors say, a happy and long married life has often gone a long way to ensure a sustained and healthier life. Studies conducted around the world like the ones by Harvard Medical School have added credence to this theory. Yes, fulfilling relationships with your partner is indeed the key to a happy and long life. In fact marriage, a happy one at that, is said to increase your chances of a long life by 15 percent.

3. A good diet:

Since one cannot live without eating, it is obvious that our choice of diet goes a long way in determining our health and our life span in the long run. Find the right balance and eat the right kind of food for a good long life. Apart from that a good diet regime which certainly does not include starving is a must for adding those extra years to life.

2. Exercise:

In today’s era of circling around chock a block schedules it is hard, perhaps near impossible, to find time for life let alone exercise. But if we aspire for a healthier and long life, it is imperative that we squeeze in a few minutes every day for some exercise. A research published in New Scientist says that life span can be increased by up to 3 years just by 15 minutes of regular exercise. So 15 minutes in trade to live longer, not a bad bargain I’d say!

1. Good Sleep:

Yes, we all love to sleep! It’s that time of the day when we relax and let our body rejuvenate for the next day ahead. But the trick here is to ensure just enough sleep, not too much and not too less either. The old belief of 8 hours of sleep being a must might as well be wrong. Studies have found that people sleeping between 5 to 6 hours a day have better survival rates. So it is best not to remain sleep deprived or oversleep and you could just add years to your life!