Top 10 Ways To Kiss

Updated on 26 Jul, 2018 at 5:34 pm

A kiss is a silent yet passionate gesture displaying your enormous love for your partner. The amazing game of lips could be played in different ways, enhancing the thrill and sensation of the moment. We know that you guys are skillful in this art but this page of top 10 ways to kiss will indeed raise your artistry, if followed properly.

10. Nosey Kiss

Smoothly, rub your nose to partner’s. Feel the warmth of breathe and kiss the lips without letting your nose away. Bit slippery, but ends with a little laugh and unique feeling!

Top 10 ways to Kiss - Nose Kiss

9. Neck Kiss

A make-out session is futile without neck kiss. Breathe on your partner’s neck and whisper some sweet stuffs. Start licking neck and bite on it in a playful manner and enjoy the moaning and groaning with pleasure.

8. Finger Kiss

Well, it’s a sensual ritual which starts with a gentle touch with your lips on partner’s finger tip. Undescriptive feeling!

Top 10 ways to Kiss - Finger Kiss

7. Forehead Kiss

Wow, this is so innocent and affectionate kiss which signifies I love you & I’ll always love you. Softly brush your lips on forehead of your partner and enjoy a poetic sensation.

6. Shoulder Kiss

Yummy! Grab her gently from backside making sure she don’t know what you are going to do. Melt in her and gradually run your lips and tongue on her shoulder. One of the most sensuous and hot kissing technique!

5. Lap Kiss

Take your partner’s head in your lap, lean over and and kiss the lower lip with your upper one and vice versa. Starting as a playful kiss, it can end on much more.

4. Earlobe Kiss

Well, here’s the time to take a break from kissing tongue, lips and other stuffs. Take your partner’s earlobe between your lips and start tugging it gently. Avoid louder sucking noises as it can harm your partner’s ear.

Top 10 ways to Kiss - Earlobe Kiss

3. Nip Kiss

Feel the ignition of erotic sensation by smoothly seizing your partner’s lips with your teeth. Avoid animalistic or aggressive biting or these processes can hurt your partner.

Top 10 ways to Kiss - Nip Kiss

2. Suck Kiss

One of the most seductive type of kiss! Take upper or lower lip of your partner and passionately suck it (remember to switch lips after few seconds). Evidently, your sweetie will enjoy it.

1. French Kiss

Daunting for those who have never done it before. It requires moving your tongue in and out of your partner’s mouth but during entire process your tongues should be relaxed and lips tight. The timeless motion of romantic emotion!

best ways to Kiss - French Kiss

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