Top 10 Ways To Impress Your Boss At Work

1:30 pm 5 Sep, 2013

The two most important people who can propel your career to where you want it are you and your boss. No matter how good you are, there is no way moving ahead without impressing your boss who  is crucial in improving your career and work life. Your boss pulls the strings which can improve your current job by giving you the best assignments and also makes the decision when you need to be transferred to a better department. So there is no doubt that you have to impress your boss and here are 10 ways that you can do it.

10. Dress appropriately:

A shabbily clad employee is pain in the neck for the boss. The way the employees groom themselves and dress in the working environment makes a lot of difference to institution. Dressing appropriately and in accordance with your profession for the office will definitely get you the attention of your boss.

Dress appropriately

9. Avoid being late:

Punctuality is one of the most impressive qualities you can possess. Being late to the office will make you come up with excuses, often, which a boss can see through, thus makes you lose his/her trust. The early bird not only catches the boss’s attention in the office but will also be able to settle down calmly before the humdrum begins.

Avoid being late

8. Learn to communicate:

Be precise with your communication, while keeping your message short and sensible. Your boss, who is busy managing important tasks on hand, does not want his time to be wasted on useless jibber jabber. Make your presence felt in the office meetings by giving feedback, presenting your ideas and making useful suggestions.

Learn to communicate

7. Listen attentively:

The worst thing you can do to spoil your relationship with your boss is by asking the question “What did you just say?” in between an important discussion; because you weren’t paying attention to what your boss was saying. Practice being a good listener and be attentive to what is being said. When in doubt do not hesitate to ask questions. There are times when your boss may want to vent out the work frustrations, when all you have to do is listen to impress. Is there any other easier way?

Listen attentively

6. Think out of box:

This is something you have heard so often, that is because it is quite an important asset to your personality. Often people like to walk around the pothole and avoid it, but you can take it as an opportunity to make your mark. Be creative and find solutions for the problems that have been sidelined in the office.

Think out of box

5. Avoid excuses:

To err is human. There is no way you can avoid mistakes all together at your work place. Take responsibility for your actions. Be honest and admit to your mistakes instead of giving excuses and justifying them; in addition let your boss know that you are available to rectify your mistake. This will not only impress your boss, but you will be respected for your honesty.

Avoid excuses

4. Be Loyal:

Be loyal to your company, your colleagues and your boss. If your co-workers enjoy backbiting against your boss, don’t join the flow. Avoid such people who spread negativity in the working place. Support your boss and have his/her back when they are mentioned during office conversations. Speaking negatively about your boss and the office is sure way to get into the bad books.

Be Loyal

3. Be organized and systematic:

Don’t let your desk look like there was a stationary war going on there. Keep your desk, mails, files and emails well organized so that they not only look neat, but you can find them when they are needed. When your boss asks for an important file and you spend hours looking for it, you are sure to do exactly opposite of impressing your boss.

Be organized and systematic

2. Avoid clumsiness:

An inkblot on important papers, spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in presentations can be easily avoided. It is very important to proofread your work before submitting it to your boss. With little help from technology, it is not difficult to spell check your documents anymore. A great presentation can lose its worth if it is loaded with grammatical and spellings errors.

Avoid Clumsiness

1. Carry yourself with a positive attitude:

A person walking with a spring in her/his feet, smile on her/his lips and giving the best to the job day after day, no matter how the situation is, definitely impresses the boss and everyone in the office without fail. A positive attitude towards your work will keep you motivated to inspire others to do better.

Carry yourself with a positive attitude


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