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Top 10 Ways To Impress A Woman In First Meeting

Published on 14 September, 2013 at 3:16 am By

Meeting a woman for the first time could happen in number of ways. Either it could be the first date, blind date, accidental confrontation while hanging around with common friends, at a party or in hundreds of other situations. If you got interested in someone, then the destiny of your conceived fancies for the girl you are meeting for first time depends upon the impression you leave behind. Either there is going to be a lot of more dates or there is going to be much disappointment. Is there anything which could impress a woman in the first meeting? There isn’t any guarantee about that, but some psychological calculations, preventions, and improvisations could work perfectly if you combine them with common sense. Have a look at 10 best ways to impress a woman by which you could get access into her life in the very first meeting.

10. Get cozy with her social circle:

It’s one of the best ways to create trust and indicate taste for the same kind of pals and life. When you are comfortable with her circle, you’ll be noticeable and your approach will carry a weight of being approved by her trusted friends.

Get cozy with her social circle

9. Celluloid is an old idea:


Long term investments in relations are rarely the motive if you are reading these tips. Girls do not find it amusing to be approached by a guy who drops indirect clues for her to pick up, when everything is but obvious for both. So, just try to make your first appearance a condensed impression that leaves behind a strong tail for her to chase.

Celluloid is an old idea

8. Generous creature, not brag:

No one trust brags and a girl will be considered dumb if she hangs out with a guy who keeps beating hell out of bushes. A girl would be least interested in a guy who keeps harping the tunes of his own valor. Rather, be flexible and a composed, someone who doesn’t react on impulses, but counts on appropriate perception of events or people. In nutshell, “think before you speak”. Be a generous guy, who doesn’t respond out of opinionated biasness.

Generous creature, not brag

7. It’s true, look straight into her eyes:

While you execute your premeditated dialogues, keep in mind that staring right into her eyes is the most effective way to impress a woman. Also, it’s a sign of confidence in the words you speak. Unless you aren’t a perfect seducer like a 007 agent, then it’s a very bad idea to shed quick glances at her curves, lips or cleavage while she talks to you. Save it for future dates or their will be no future dates.


6. Talk about her, least about yourself:

Females are always desperate to know the opinion of other people as to how she appears, her personality, her taste for colors, her shoes, her purse, her dog and everything about herself and the choices she makes. So, just keep the conversation all about her. Your conversation will get an extension.

Talk about her, least about yourself

5. Listen and just listen:

Everyone loves to be listened to and given attention. With a smile and some facial expressions or gesture show her that you are actually interested in what she is talking about. It is important. Make her feel that you are the luckiest guy on earth to get such an opportunity. Don’t interrupt her too much. Ask her questions about herself and ask for some opinion like where could you get the best coffee in the town or which shopping mall is her favorite. Females like it when someone values their opinion.

Listen and just listen

4. Acts of chivalry pleases women:

It may appear to be old fashioned to behave like a gentlemen by holding the door for her to enter a restaurant, helping her with her coat, drag a chair for her and being affirmative instead of being spontaneous while you pick your call or take time sneeze, but women love it even today. As a bonus, these etiquettes are rare in the modern society, so they make you stand different as well. It suggests an appreciation for the delicate beauty of a woman.

Acts of chivalry pleases women

3. Simplicity and honesty actually works:


She won’t wish to hang on with you for long if your conversations are complicated and do not associate her with the topic you talk about. You might posses a fine knowledge of a subject, but if it’s not her field, you are making it inconvenient and boring for her. Also, try to be honest instead of manipulating statements or viewpoints. Gossip with her in a manner to show that you really trust her and she would find it relaxing and would reciprocate your trust.

Simplicity and honesty actually works

2. Compliment her, but don’t read cheap lines:

As we said earlier, if you have common sense, then you already know that all women seek compliments desperately. To compliment her for any of her attributes is the most lethal weapon to grab quick attention of a lady. However, a girl could filter cheap and forced compliments from the genuine ones. Keep away from complementing body parts with seductive connotations for not only they don’t work but could end a relationship. Be suggestive in your compliment and create a genuine base to display them.

Compliment her, but don’t read cheap lines

1. Be neat, dress fine:


A woman always gives a lot of preference to a man’s appearance and sense of dressing. A lady pays great attention to your external appearance when she notices that you are approaching her. Your wrist watch, your personality, your hairstyle, and even the perfume you use. Woman can detect junkies and experienced flirts, so don’t try to ditch their perception with your expensive ride, rather, be composed as a whole personality.

Be neat, dress fine


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