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Top 10 Ways To Get A Raise In Your Salary Right Now

Published on 20 September, 2013 at 4:53 am By

Salary hike for some employees has become a long life dream as they stick to only ethical and honest means to approach the bosses. No doubt, hard work and performance are the keys to get regular raises, but what about those who wish to bypass these long term investments and want a salary hike right now. Some employees might be working for years, but now, they might find it convincing to join the category of impatient employees targeting instant results. If you are ready to be a game player, then try the following top 10 ways to get a raise in your salary.

10. Get inside the head of boss:

Bosses also have stress and pressures of performance from people supervising them. They prepare plans, strategies to meet targets. If you are good at getting into people’s head, then try similar rules to impress your boss. He must be looking for something specific in the herd of employees. If you can appear to be the one, it would be sufficient to grab his attention. Little modifications in the way you have been handling your workplace could work for you.

Get inside the head of boss

9. Bad Performance review; put it on low salary:


Is there anything like a perfect time to talk about a raise? Yes, there is. Apparently, the workplace environment and attitude of bosses differ with each organization. But, to generalize, raising salary means proving your performance. If your boss has asked to see you in his cabin to review your bad performance, then it’s obvious that there is going to be an interrogation of why’s and what’s. If you aren’t a new comer, then this might prove to be a master stroke to induce in your boss’s head that you are ready to perform, but your current salary isn’t quite motivating.

Bad Performance review; put it on low salary

8. Create a reason:

It’ll be the dumbest approach to ask your boss for raise without giving him a reason. Performance is the major reason, but not the only one in all cases. Before you decide to talk to your boss, you need to be clear about what you’ll state in support of it. If there isn’t any reason, then create one as soon as you see an opportunity to do so.

Create a reason

7. Research on negotiation skills:

Those born with the gift of negation skills are like blessed ones. Negotiation is an art and a major factor that decides the probability of success in the attempts you make. It’s a well researched subject in the field of marketing. Bosses are negotiable. An in depth research on the art of negotiation skills will surely enhance your approach. It’ll boost your chances of raise in minimum attempts.

Research on negotiation skills

6. A demonstration:

New comers should avoid taking such a risk, but if you have been serving for a long time and hold a place that influences the moral of other employees working with or under you, impacting the flow of the company’s performance, then plan a demonstration to convince your boss of how it’ll be better to give you a raise then lose you. For instance, it is always much trouble for your boss to sanction emergency leaves when your presence is very much needed and any irresponsible behavior might encourage others to question your dissatisfaction. If passive, indirect warnings aren’t working, then you need to go a step ahead and demonstrate your worth.

A demonstration

5. Flirt and flatter:

One big shot, especially for female employees, is to try flirting. That’s not ethical, but it works well for those who want to take a shortcut for an instant raise. For male employees, if your self-esteem can be compromised with money, then flattering is entertained by most of the bosses. However, it shouldn’t be a theatrical display of cheap flattering tactics. Bosses aren’t so dumb. They know that everything that they say isn’t always right. Supporting your boss in a situation where he has been deserted by everyone would tempt him to win your additional attention in similar circumstance in the coming future. In a way, find the insecurities of your boss and stand by him when he is facing them.

Flirt and flatter

4. Lobbying:

Again, if you are an established employee, but still couldn’t gather enough courage to demand a raise or other polite methods failed, then how about distributing and sharing your dissatisfaction with new comers. If you can create an unofficial union or majority to your side by inducing it as a need to secure the future of everyone, then insecure employees are most likely to join you. No boss would like to prove your speculations right when others are waiting for a verdict on your demand for raise. Everyone is going to face a day when he/she would expect a raise, and would like to see others in their support. Remember, there is a great difference between clever suggestions and ill talks.


3. How you ask:


Maybe your boss was internally convinced to give you a raise and was taking his chance to avoid it, but your approach gave him an opportunity to change his mind. Aggression, ultimatums, and threats should be avoided. Your body language speaks a lot. If you are too pleading and requesting like a helpless, deserted cow, then again you are on the wrong side. You just need to create a balance and keep it positive. It’s better to start the conversation saying how much you like to be the part of the organization and the supportive nature of your boss instead of talking ill of company policies. It’ll be better for you to introduce the need to make some reforms in your financial life. Bosses don’t like disrespect or excessive demands.

How you ask

2. Be consistent, be prepared for rejections:

If you aren’t good at anything that we mentioned, then you need to be resistant to the discouragements you are going to face by the continuous rejections of your pleas for a raise. Be prepared for rejections, be consistent in your approach, and grab your boss every time you get an opportunity to talk to him alone. Stick to your agenda, but don’t make it extra irritating.

Be consistent, be prepared for rejections

1. Ask for one:


If you have been working hard for years and are convinced of your performance, but never received your dream package while newcomers are getting comparatively better salaries, then most likely you did not ask for one in a hope that someday your efforts will be noticed and awarded. That’s a crap. Why a boss would spend extra on a cow when he could milk her without any demands? So, just dare to ask for one and let your boss know that you woke up.

Ask for one


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