Top 10 Ways to Finish Naxalism in India

2:00 pm 2 Mar, 2013

Naxals, also called Maoists, are militant Communist groups operating in different parts of Jharkhand, West Bengal, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh under different organizational envelopes. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, in 2006, termed Naxalites as the single biggest internal security challenge ever faced by India. In 2011 Manmohan Singh said that development was a master remedy to solve the Naxalite problem. Despite rigorous development works in almost 60 Maoist-affected districts, Naxalism still prevails in India. What steps should be taken to finish Naxalism? Listed below are top 10 ways to finish Naxalism in India.

10. Modernize law enforcement agencies:

India has numerous law enforcement agencies most of which, according to the nature of the constitution of India, are subject to state. Therefore, the major policing lies in the hands of the state and governments. At federal level, many agencies are under the command of Union Ministry of Home Affairs, which support the states in their duties. It is therefore required that the central government makes inroads into these disturbed states with their agencies well-equipped with modern artillery and assist the usually poorly-equipped agencies of the state.

Modernize law enforcement agencies

9. Take steps for welfare of the tribals:

The socially backward tribals form the major support base for Naxalites as they suffer with rebellious instincts and unrest because of inequality, illiteracy and lack of opportunities. Besides being the core support groups for the Naxalites, the Dalits and tribals are often manipulated by the Naxals for their own gains. These downtrodden sections of our society inadvertently become soft targets for both the Naxals and the security agencies. It’s important to prevent these people from falling in the Naxal trap.

Take steps for welfare of the tribals - Ways to Finish Naxalism in India

8. Let ordinary citizens have access to basic resources:

One of the major reasons for unrest is the exploitation of forest and lands of the tribal people for industrial purposes. The loss of land and the lack of basic facilities like education, freedom, sanitation and food have further escalated strife between the government and the tribals giving them a reason to support the Naxalism.

Let ordinary citizens have access to basic resources

7. Remove disparity:

Economic disparity and the growing distance between rich and the poor widening by the day is one of the biggest problems that India confronts, and according to many experts, it is also one of the main problems that has contributed to the growth of Naxalism in the country. This distance needs to be filled to an extent hastily to finish Naxalism.

Remove disparity - Ways to Finish Naxalism in India

6. Stop the political marginalization of weaker sections:

India has grown both culturally and politically over the years, but what remains unchanged is that the weaker sections of the society, the schedule casts and schedule tribes still face discrimination from the upper class. These downtrodden sections don’t enjoy equal participation in casting and contesting politically, which drastically hampers their progress and representation, making them soft targets of Naxals.

Stop the political marginalization of weaker sections

5. Take steps to prevent environmental degradation:

Environmental degradation in the form of destruction of land and water resources due to mining and industrial activates in the area has forced the deprived locals to demand for autonomy. The locals are left with disrupted lives and adversely affected tourism, the only way people from the outside world could reach the locals.

Take steps to prevent environmental degradation - Ways to Finish Naxalism in India

4. Pay attention to rehabilitation and resettlement:

It was easy for the government to set up mining grounds, irrigation areas, industries, etc., in the area without any provision for the resettlement of the displaced people. This has only added to the woes of the poor, who are left with no alternative but boycott the pain-inflicting government and its policies and support the Naxals.

Pay attention to rehabilitation and resettlement

3. Generate more employment and increase wages:

Insecure livelihood and unemployment in the areas have left the people with no option but to join the Naxals. The youth in the area demands for reservation in almost all sections of employment. If we are actually thinking of ways to finish Naxalism, we’ll first have to provide the people of the area with proper employment opportunities with increased wages to uplift their standard of living.

Generate more employment and increase wages - Ways to Finish Naxalism in India

2. Dialogue:

Talking can be a solution to a lot of things; thus, dialogues between the Naxal leaders, who have said to have their hideout as far as China, and the government officials can be a way work out a solution. The government should initiate sincere dialogue with Naxalites. The popularity of Naxalites with the tribals is an indication of the fact that the government has never paid heed to the plight of these tribals and the degrading socio-economic condition in the Naxal affected areas.


1. Good governance:

Naxalism has long presented the greatest threat to the country’s security and has also highlighted the underlining weakness of the Indian government, which has failed to establish refined political institutions and have failed to provide sound socio-economic structures. The presence of Naxals in the country also reveals the loopholes in the law and order of the country which has failed to curb the menace. India requires a good central government which implements a coherent national strategy to finish Naxalism.

Good governance - Ways to Finish Naxalism in India

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