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Top 10 Ways to Escape When Your Girlfriend Catches You Cheating

Published on 19 February, 2013 at 2:00 pm By

If you have come over to read this, chances are you have been caught cheating on your girlfriend. We do a lot of stupid things in life and betraying our girlfriend is just one of them. There may be a chance that you’ve begun liking some other female or you ended up with a hot chick in bed after a party you attended without your girlfriend and now your girlfriend has come to know of it. First thing right would be to tell your girlfriend but if you want to stay tightlipped then play your cards right and stay safe. Here are top 10 ways to escape when your girlfriend catches relishing the fruits for another orchard.

10. Try to apologize:

It can be the easiest but most backfiring ploy. If your girlfriend has found about your relation with another women, she will be inquisitive to know how long it’s been going on, what you’ve been doing with the other woman etc. While she is on her emotional spree just try and calm her and try apologizing to change her mind. Though, nothing you say to calm here will change her mind, but who knows your convincing skills work – don’t push too much, it could worsen your relationship.

Try to apologize

9. Feel the guilt:


Cheating your girlfriend is the worst thing you can do to her. If you have cheated, being caught is the biggest crime you’ve committed. If the issue isn’t too major, apologizing should make a difference. If it does, then the best thing you can do for her in this pain, if you really love her is to feel the guilt. When she is relatively calm make a heartfelt apology to her and try and change.

Feel the guilt

8. Take responsibility:

One of the worst things to do after you’ve been caught cheating is to blame, alcohol or someone else for it. Your girlfriend is emotionally broken at this point in time; she is more concerned about her emotions and not about how badly you feel for her. Telling her how terrible you feel about what happened isn’t going to change anything. Take responsibility for cheating on your girlfriend, don’t try and defer the blame on anyone else, when you agree it’s your fault, her anger could calm slightly.

Take responsibility

7. Give her time and space:

Don’t expect the things to change and her behavior to return to normal in a few days. Being cheated and betrayed is the worst feeling. A woman may take a long time to recover from such an emotionally broken state. While you wait for things to return to normal also be prepared for a change relation. No matter how loving, forgiving and understanding your girlfriend, your relationship will hence change forever.

Give her time and space

6. Make her feel special:

When a woman is emotionally hurt, she needs someone who cares for her. This can be the time when your girlfriend could find a better shoulder than yours. If you’re truly in love with her then this is your last chance to save the relationship. While you are giving her time try and be around her and care for her. Although she may be trying to forgive you but she will always remain hurt. So try and change yourself for better and keep her happy and make her feel wanted.

Make her feel special

5. Abandon communication:

Obviously your partner isn’t only angry with you but is also pissed with the third person involved in this. Now as your girlfriend is trying to get out of the emotional stress, you need to, in supervision of your partner, explain to the third woman that you will have nothing to do with her anymore. If your wish everything to work between you and your girlfriend, this should this should instill some sense of change in your girl.

Abandon communication

4. Instill a sense of change:


Now that you are trying to change for the better your girlfriend should sense it. The cut of communication with the third person can help a lot. You also need to sit face to face with your girlfriend and have a come-to-Jesus meeting with her. Now, that you have cheated there will be a reason for it (maybe something going wrong between you and your girlfriend). The goal should be to find the problem and resolve it to minimize the chance of such a thing happening again in the future.

Instill a sense of change

3. Avoid suspicious activities:

Now that the things are steadily returning to normal between you and your girl, try and make no stupid mistake. Don’t be secretive, try and be open with your girl so that she knows that you are keeping things transparent between you and her. Don’t be secretive and avoid making any calls in secret or having any kind of secret social media activity, which can make your girlfriend suspicious.

Avoid suspicious activities

2. Stop lying:

You have to be a changed man. You have to be more transparent with your girlfriend in things you do and say. You will have to show any distinct behavior which can make her suspicious and worried yet again. You will also have to stop lying. If your girlfriend catches you lying, no matter how small it is, it will be a signal for worse between the two of you.

Stop lying

1. Be true to yourself:


First and the foremost thing is to look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you can stop cheating. If the answer is not in the affirmative, then there is no point wasting your time and your girlfriend’s time. You must end the relationship. But if you are a kind of guy who can be faithful in a relationship, then be really sensitive towards your girlfriend and help her come out of this jolt and be loyal to her ever after.

Be true to yourself


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