Top 10 Ways To Become The Office Superstar

Updated on 7 Jan, 2014 at 12:01 am


Are you feeling that your boss is favoring other people more? Or do you think that your colleague is sleeping with the CEO to get the promotion? If yes, maybe you are right. These days everyone in the corporate sector has to pay a price to get on the top. Well, if you are not one of those people who cannot be the nice guy 24X7 or someone who cannot let go of their morals for the promotion, then you have landed up on the right page. Below are 10 very sane and practical ways to become the office superstar. Take a look; this will surely get you into a win-win situation.

10. Deadlines:

Every company dies for the employees who stick to the deadlines. Finish your assigned task on the particular time given to you. Well, this doesn’t mean that you have to stress yourself or work day and night continuously. Manage your time in a way that the bosses don’t complain about time. Once you have achieved the time milestone, you will automatically start coming in the good books.


9. Team Work:

Appreciate everyone’s efforts in your team. Don’t underestimate anyone. Divide the work in equal proportions and don’t jump into someone else’s work when you have finished yours. Competition is good but taking over other people’s tasks will get your colleagues to start hating you and you will even mess up your own work.

Team Work

8. Feedback:

Treat your boss like a boss! Don’t think of him as, ‘just another guy’. Always remember he is the one who has the key to your career and your promotions. Keep asking him for a feedback of your work done. Try learning from your mistakes and try not to repeat them. This way you will built up a reputation in the eyes of your boss and even learn a lot.


7. Make your work interesting:


Find a fun way to do the task assigned to you. It is always said that a thing a person enjoys doing has the best output. If your work becomes something you love, then there is no looking back. The positive energy, good vibes and happy feelings will automatically come to you.

Make your work interesting

6. Never ask for promotions at the wrong time:

Don’t be the one always begging for promotions. Bosses and other heads hate people who have that pity look on their faces and are always at a chance to beg for a hike. First make sure that you deserve the higher position and you have actually put in a lot of effort, then only go and ask for a promotion. The key point is, maintain your dignity!

Never ask for promotions at the wrong time

5. Professionalism:

Be a professionalist at your work. Always remember that professionalism doesn’t come with wearing a branded suit, tie and classy shoes. If you have that funny side to your nature, avoid using it during the work hours. Nobody likes a poker face when they are discussing something important about a company. It means that you have to make your presence felt with positive things. You have to be in control of your emotions and let the bosses judge you for your work.


4. Don’t make best friends:

It is always good to maintain healthy relationships at work but keep in mind to not get emotionally attached. Remember that no one at your office will ever be your best friend. Will anyone leave the higher position for you? No, never! So, you have to maintain the required distance. Don’t be drink buddies either. You are not in college; office requires people with a cultured life. Even if you are that fun person, reserve yourself with your colleagues.

Don’t make best friends

3. Energy:

This is the most important thing to have if you want that to become the office superstar. Wear bright clothes, they will give you the confidence and are always useful for a chirpier personality. Keep a check on the foods that drain out energy from the body and avoid eating them. Eat a lot of berries, they are a powerful antioxidant and will give you high energy levels. Be energetic and you will simply be loved!


2. Communication:

This one is yet another very important quality to have. You have to know how to communicate; you have to make yourself heard! If you have a brilliant idea but execute it poorly in front of your bosses, you will be termed as a failure. Practice before the mirror and try to find your flaws and correct them.


1. Body Language:


Your body language has to be really subtle in front of the people at your workplace. Don’t act nervous by constantly touching your hair or looking at your mobile phone during a meeting. While giving a presentation, avoid breaking the eye-contact, this gives a ‘not-interested-nervous’ feel to the bosses. In short, be confident about yourself and you will soon become that ‘one person’, people will look upto in your office.

Body Language

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