Top 10 Ways to Become More Civilized

Updated on 15 Mar, 2014 at 3:18 pm


A more civilized person with perfect mannerisms pleases everyone. There are times when we have to fight our actual nature to gel in a crowd. Being civilized doesn’t mean that you have to act opposite to your nature every time. It’s about how you manage to enhance your personality in a way that people around you appreciate it. To be sophisticated, the first step is to be satisfied within yourself and know about your manners. Also, your knowledge of your surroundings will help you to talk in the right way. Reading good books, not speaking unnecessarily and talking good are some of the prime points to be kept in mind. Below is a list of top 10 things you must do to be more civilized. Scroll down to have a look.


10. Respect your people:

Respect the people around you. Be it your mother, father, wife or sister, respect them and their thoughts. Don’t impose your thinking on anyone. This will make you realize how important it is to listen in life. Showing respect to your folks will only make you more civilized and you are surely going to be a praised for your manners.

Respect your people - Ways to Become More Civilized

9. Interest in art:

Taking an interest in art will help in discovering yourself and help you becoming more civilized. Try to look at different paintings and analyze them. Look at the depth in the colors and think about the imaginations the artist would be having while painting it.

Interest in art - Ways to Become More Civilized

8. Find hobbies:


Discover what your hobbies are and then try to make them happen. They say that the best individual is a happy person from the inside. Make yourself content and conquer your fears; do the things you thought were impossible. Mingle with your friends and try to help them out with their hobbies as well. If you like reading, go to a school for the blind and read out to the children for this is going to give you a lot of satisfaction.

Find hobbies - Ways to Become More Civilized

7. Travel:

Travelling makes you a better individual. You get to learn a lot and have fun at the same time. Visit different places and try to adopt at least one good quality from there. Try understanding the culture and language of various cities. This will make you a better human being from within.

Travel - Ways to Become More Civilized

6. Educate yourself about other cultures:

This is one of the most important things. You should know your culture as well as have knowledge about the other ones, too. Try to understand the motives of other cultures and how they are different to yours. This will help in widening your thoughts and not being stagnant to just what you have been taught. Remember: the difference between a civilized man and a more civilized man is very thin but the latter is always better.

Educate yourself about other cultures - Ways to Become More Civilized

5. Watch movies:

Start with the classics; they will help you develop an understanding. Watching movies helps in widening your imaginations and broaden your thinking making you a more civilized man. They help you to think out-of-the-box. Search the net for some inspirational movies and then buy the one with the best ratings. Once you start doing this, you will actually want to see more.

Watch movies - Ways to Become More Civilized

4. Reading:

Reading helps you to communicate well. It also enhances your vocabulary. Using impressive words in a conversation always shows the better part of you. Read about your culture, which will help you grow as an individual. The way you should start reading is by choosing a genre like fantasy or classics, then when you get a knack of it, widen your varieties.

Reading - Ways to Become More Civilized

3. Dress-up:

When you are perfectly dressed, people are attracted toward you. Your dressing sense shows the sophistication you have in your mind. Distinguish between the time when you have to look funky and when you have to look sober. Don’t go overboard with your dresses. The choice of clothing should be something that suits your personality and not what is necessarily in fashion. Don’t get influenced with the people around you as you know what makes you look the best.

Dress-up - Ways to Become More Civilized

2. Writing:

The best step to be more civilized is to write. When you write, you let your expressions flow with your words. These expressions always help in understanding things better. Even to know your culture you need to write as it tells you of the existing things and you can even end up making new possibilities, which are good for your community.

Writing - Ways to Become More Civilized

1. Communication:


Communication is a thing that actually helps you to show how civilized you are. What you speak and the way you talk reflects your personality. A well-spoken person is appreciated by everyone. The main thing to be kept in mind is that you don’t need to speak without intelligence. Sometimes, we just flow with the conversation and tend to argue on wrong things. This gives an extremely rude impression to the listeners.

Communication - Ways to Become More Civilized

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