Top 10 Ways To Beat Lethargy

4:48 am 21 Aug, 2013

Lethargy or tiredness or fatigue can be sometimes confused with laziness. They are interrelated and lethargy is accompanied by the feeling of laziness. But lethargy is a physiological process while laziness is purely psychological. A lot of people keep beating themselves up for being so lazy when actually they are suffering from lethargy due to some physiological reasons. The good news is that lethargy can be beaten with some simple steps to maintain healthy physiological mechanisms. It’s not about getting yourself motivated but rather about getting yourself fit enough to stay active during the day. Here are the top 10 ways to beat lethargy.

10. Get Adequate Sleep:

The biggest reason of lethargy is the lack of sleep. 8 hours of sleep is the average amount of sleep all humans need every night. Some can manage with 7 or even 6 hours but most can’t. Even if you are sleeping 6 hours every night, after a few days the lack of sleep will catch up with you and you’ll end up feeling lazy all the time. It’s actually because your body has not received enough rest because of lack of sleep.

Get Adequate Sleep

9. Exercise Daily:

Exercising helps in improving the overall efficiency of the body. If you are physically fit then your body uses less energy in a normal day. It seems like a paradox that exercise helps in beating lethargy because lethargy won’t let you exercise in the first place. But the trick is to start small and make exercise a routine. As you get fitter, lethargy will decrease.

Exercise Daily

8. Avoid Caffeine:

Caffeine give a boost in energy in the short term and people use it to beat lethargy but actually in the long run it causes more lethargy. When you get a boost from drinking a cup of coffee it means that after a while you will also get a dip in energy. To maintain high energy you’ll have to increase your intake of caffeine over time. That’s how a lot of people get addicted to coffee because if they don’t drink it then they just can’t function anymore. Also if you drink coffee before going to bed then you won’t be able to sleep properly which as you know will lead to more lethargy.

Avoid Caffeine

7. Eat Regularly:

Eating regularly is an important step to beat lethargy. When you don’t eat for long periods, your blood sugar level drops which causes fatigue and exhaustion. A lot of people skip meals because they have to work but it’s not a smart move as later on you’ll be facing lethargy. So skipping meals actually reduces efficiency in the long run.

Eat Regularly

6. Avoid Starch:

Starch from foods such as rice, potato, pasta and bread is a big part of our diets. But a diet too rich in starch can lead to lethargy as it causes a rise in blood sugar level for a short period followed by a dip in the level. The problem is that starch is digested very quickly and provides a lot of energy in a short time. Just like coffee these boosts in energy can lead to a dip later on.

Avoid Starch

5. Breathe Deeply:

It is hard to believe but a lot of people today have forgotten how to breathe. It doesn’t seem like something that someone can forget but it’s true that adults often don’t breathe properly. If you look at a baby it will breathe very deeply and from its stomach. Adults tend to breathe shallow from their chests. Deep breathing means that the oxygen level in the body is maintained at a good level leading to better performance of the body. Shallow breathing leads to low oxygen and lethargy.

Breathe Deeply

4. Avoid Alcohol:

Alcohol causes sedation and you must have seen that you can’t work after having a few drinks. But more than that alcohol also ruins your sleeping patterns and leads to dehydration which causes lethargy. The hangover is also just one aspect of the effects of alcohol. Over time these effects can become so strong that a regular alcohol drinker will feel lethargic all the time.

Avoid Alcohol

3. Drink Lots of Water:

Our body is made up for 80% water and a drop in water levels in the body is not good for the performance of the body. Not drinking enough water leads to dehydration which can lower both physical and mental performance and lead to lethargy and fatigue.

Drink Lots of Water

2. Learn to Handle Stress:

Stress causes many problems and one of them is lethargy. If you are trying to do too many things and are over stressed with work it will lead to lethargy and bad performances. If you try to handle stress with alcohol it will not really solve the problem. The trick is to learn to slow down and not take things too seriously. Take on as much work as you can do and don’t be afraid to say no. Delegate, eliminate or automate as much work as you can.

Learn to Handle Stress

1. Get Out:

One great way to beat lethargy is to get out more often. At least once everyday try to take a walk outside in open air. It is a great way to get a little exercise, beat stress and refresh the mind. It also helps in energizing the body. This one step covers a lot of the previous steps as it will help you get good air in the body, cover exercise for the day and help in distressing.

Get Out

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