Top 10 Ways of Cheating Death, if Possible

Updated on 15 Mar, 2014 at 3:18 pm


Death, they say, is inevitable. Yes, it’s the truth! There is no way you can avoid dying but there certainly are ways with which you can delay it. Cheating death means living your life in a more positive and a healthier way. When you are a fulfilled individual, God himself gives you time to live it to the full. Below is a list of top 10 ways with which you can gain more time before eventually dying. These ways work according to your lifestyle, your way of thinking and your diet. If you love your life and you love living, scroll down to have a look.


10. Be calm:

If ever you face a life-threatening situation, where death is just a step away, the best way to shoo it off is by staying calm. Don’t panic in that situation. The lesser you fear, the better solution you will have. That’s the easiest way of cheating death if not the best.

Be calm - Ways of Cheating Death, if Possible

9. Admit your age:

Don’t live in denial and admit your true age. Scientists say people who don’t want to grow old, die early. If you have a fear of growing old then try understanding the beauty of life. The better you think about living, the longer you will live.

Admit your age - Ways of Cheating Death, if Possible

8. Avoid drinking cold water:


Cold water can cause a lot of health problems. People who drink chilled water after meals are more prone to heart attacks. Avoiding drinking cold water is a wonderful and long-term way of cheating death. It is believed that regular drinking of cold water blocks your arteries, which create problems in the smooth flowing of blood inside the body.

Avoid drinking cold water - Ways of Cheating Death, if Possible

7. Make a wish:

The best way of cheating death is by being determined. Make a long-lasting wish in your heart and be determined to fulfill it. It is always said that determination in one’s mind can betray the messengers of death. Direct your life on a path and try to fulfill your desire in an unwavering way.

Make a wish - Ways of Cheating Death, if Possible

6. Brush your teeth:

Brushing your teeth can actually increase your life span. Scientists say that people who brush their teeth twice a day can avoid the oral bacteria to mix in their bloodstream. The bacteria cause a lot of diseases connected to the heart and blood. So, believe it or not, by brushing your teeth regularly, you can actually cheat death.

Brush your teeth - Ways of Cheating Death, if Possible

5. Think positive:

Have a positive mind with encouraging thoughts. Your mind-state plays a very important role in your life. If you think about good things and take a positive approach towards living, death will delay its visit. Join courses which help in putting your mind at peace. Take long walks and laugh to your fullest.

Think positive - Ways of Cheating Death, if Possible

4. Breathe clean air:

Avoid inhaling polluted air and try to live in a place where the air is fresher, which is good for your lungs as well as your mind. The best way to breathe pollution-free air is to take regular outings with family to a greener place. The better air you inhale, the better your body functions. So, it is definitely a good and a healthy way of cheating death.

Breathe clean air - Ways of Cheating Death, if Possible

3. Work out your Relationships:

If you have people around who care for you, you automatically start loving yourself more. A person with a good family and a supporting friend circle tends to take lesser risks in life, thinking about them. So, the best way of cheating death is by developing strong bonds with the people around us. Love makes life more worthwhile.

Work out your Relationships - Ways of Cheating Death, if Possible

2. Regular checkups:

Accept it or not but you get older with each year and your body becomes weaker, too. Regular checkups and updating medicines are required at every level. There is simply no age for a disease to develop, so the next time you quit going to the doctor saying that I am not that old – think again! You can probably live longer if you come to know what is happening inside your body.

Regular checkups - Ways of Cheating Death, if Possible

1. Living in higher altitudes:


Living in higher altitudes helps in increasing your age. The UVA present in the air on the hill-stations give you a better environment. The most important thing present in the UVA is vitamin-D, which strengthens your bones and saves you from heart diseases. It is said that a person needs 1000 units of vitamin-D in his daily diet. So, the best way of cheating death is by sitting under the bright sun and giving your body a full amount of this vital vitamin.

Living in higher altitudes - Ways of Cheating Death, if Possible