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Top 10 Ways Internet Has Changed the Mindset of Modern Kids

Updated on 10 July, 2013 at 2:54 am By

Internet has debatably been the most important technological feat we have achieved in the past century. It has completely revolutionized lives of millions across the globe. No matter which part of the world you are in, internet plays a crucial role in everything. From day to day shopping to business presentations to kids’ homework, it is increasingly becoming an indispensable part of our daily course of activities. Though there have been scores of positive aspects, there have a lot of negatives too; especially in the case of the nubile and easily impressionable minds of kids. Kids today, being more tech-savvy, depend on the internet for almost all their day-to-day activities. Be it socializing, working on a project or something as mundane as finding an answer to a question, internet is their go-to savior for almost every imaginable task. While this is good in its own walk, it can be damaging for their psychologies too. Here is a list of the top 10 ways internet has changed the mindset of modern kids.

10. Increased the scope of learning:

Internet has greatly increased the scope of learning for children today. A kid can easily access a lot of information on the cyber-space related to any topic that catches their fancy. Apart from the text-books there are a lot of interests a kid develops over time. While with conventional methods, it takes a lot of time to choose from the massive amount of information at one’s disposal, internet allows them to get requisite information about the topic of interest in virtually no time. This has widened their scope of learning.

Increased the scope of learning

9. Made homework a lot easier and fun:


There used to be a time when parents as well as their kids had to go through a lot of effort just to complete the homework. Today, with the intervention of the mighty internet, it is a lot more convenient to find information about a topic you are less knowledgeable on. This has made the lives of parents easier. The kids can mostly manage their homework on their own, thanks to the internet. It also has improved the quality of work submitted by a kid as it now involves a lot more guidelines to complete the assigned task.

Made homework a lot easier and fun

8. Made them knowledgeable:

Children today, having access to a lot more information over the internet, are much more knowledgeable even on topics not introduced to them. Any simple query can be answered over the internet with just the use of a search-engine. Making children multi-faceted, this abundance of information can make them wiser as compared to the previous generations, though there is always the risk of so much information proving to be overwhelming for the young minds.

Made them knowledgeable

7. Job-hunting made easier:

Now, this isn’t exactly for the kids but once they pass certain age, they start looking for part-time jobs which can help them earn or supplement their pocket-money. This has also been improved by the internet. There are hundreds of job-postings over the net that can help them divert their minds and channelize their creative energy towards something worthwhile, while earning a little something along the way. Instead of spending summers looking for a job, one can access the internet and find a suitable one in a matter of hours.

Job-hunting made easier

6. Loss of personal touch:

One primary negative of the internet is that it has made kids lose the personal touch. As compared to the children a generation or two earlier, today’s kids are a lot less interactive and sharing, even with friends and parents. They have the habit of searching for an answer to everything on the internet. This somewhat hampers the way a kid grows up and even in the later stages of life, they do not learn how to open up to people around them, which may lead to psychological disorders.

Loss of personal touch

5. Susceptible to cyber crimes:

Another major harmful aspect of internet is that is makes kids susceptible to cyber crimes. Kids’ being glued to the internet and their computer screen all day long gives arrant characters an opportunity to take advantage of their simple minds. There have been lots of incidences of horrendous offenses against children who have been lured over the virtual world by a stranger. Being nubile, they are more likely to fall in these traps and end up in extremely difficult situations.

Susceptible to cyber crimes

4. Made them lethargic and less willing to work hard:

Internet has changed the attitude of kids towards hard-work. Their motto is: why work hard if everything is available on the net. Instead of making an experience, they prefer a virtual simulation which gives them essentially the same amount of learning and cuts down the work to almost non-existent. By nature, they are getting less willing to put in some good-old hard work because they don’t see the need for it. They can just type in a question and have all the possible answers there are through the magic of a search-engine.

Made them lethargic and less willing to work hard

3. Marred the creativity:


Another major loss on account of the internet has been that of kids’ creativity. With everything on the internet being available in a ready-to-serve format, children seldom have to use their creativity to get things done. Every possible project, answer to every conceivable question and almost anything you can think of has been uploaded on the web and is available for ready consumption. There is no scope for a child to learn or to explore. This has led to a decreased creativity as there is no need to ponder over things much. It’s mostly just copy and paste.

Marred the creativity

2. Making them couch potatoes:

These days, a kid’s favorite time-pass is either social networking or online games. There is no physical activity, no outdoor sports and in some cases, no exercise either. This has turned the kids into a sedentary lot. Their appreciation towards nature and things beside the virtual world is diminishing by the day. Besides making them inactive, internet is also seriously messing up with the healthy aspects of physical growth and in turn, creating a lot of bodily issue, obesity and overweight being major out of them.

Making them couch potatoes

1. Effortless access to porn and violence:


By far the most disturbing aspect the internet has brought to our lives and kids’ psyche is the alarmingly easy access to pornography and violence of all kinds. This poses a lot of physical as well as psychological issues. It can lead to children becoming sexually active at a premature age, an age when they don’t even understand their own body functions properly. This easy access to porn and violence over the web has led to an unprecedented rise in the no. of cases of sexual-deviants, addicts and sex-crimes.

Effortless access to porn and violence


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