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Top 10 Villains of Super Commando Dhruv

Published on 13 March, 2013 at 9:00 am By

Comics have played an essential role in our lives. Hiding comic book inside the text book was technique most us did to trick our parents during the study hours. The stories in the comic book took us to a whole new world where everything was larger than life. Numerous superheroes (who were always on their toes to protect the earth) and countless super villains (who were real pain in neck) with powers which made them next to immortals fuelled our rides of fantasy. One of the most popular comic book heroes in India is Super Commando Dhruv. His biggest strength is that he has no superpowers and uses objects around him to beat his opponents. His intelligence is his only weapon apart from his skills as a command. But much of the credit behind Super Commando Druv’s rise goes to the super villains who challenged him to the limit. So here is a list of top 10 villains of Super Commando Dhruv.

10. Jigsaw:

Jigsaw makes his debut in ‘Ateet’. As the name suggests, the story deals with Dhruv’s past. During the story, it was revealed that Jigsaw was the mastermind behind the murder of Dhruv’s biological father many years ago. Jigsaw has a body covered with spikes. His name is because of his face which is marred with numerous cuts.


9. Supernova:


Supernova is not a renowned super villain and makes a small appearance in a Dhruv comic. Despite that he fits himself into this list because of his power and the reason that he stood toe-to-toe with Super Commando Dhruv. Supernova holds the power of light and has the ability to blind of his enemies. In the series, he executed his powers on Dhruv making him blind. However, it was later revealed that Dhruv had not lost his eyesight but acted like one to thwart Supernova’s destructive plans and nab him.

Supernova - Villains of Super Commando Dhruva

8. Quiz Master Tito:

Quiz Master Tito emerges as the toughest opposition to Dhruv. Although he was not a bad person, Tito turned to a life of crime after he was unceremoniously thrown out from his own show. He could not accept that his eccentricity was getting on the nerves of the show bosses and, therefore, Tito used his eccentric ways to further his evil intentions.

Quiz Master Tito

7. Doctor Virus:

As the name suggests, Doctor Virus aims to spread evil and crime in the society using bio-viruses. The doctor is a degenerated virus expert. He uses his advanced knowledge of viruses to create genetic horrors that sometimes even threaten the existence of an entire city. Although an arch enemy of Dhruv, Doctor Virus has also faced other superheroes.

Doctor Virus - Villains of Super Commando Dhruva

6. Bauna Vaman:

Bauna Vaman is different from others in the pantheon of super villains in the Raj Comics universe. Trapped in the body of a dwarf, Bauna Vaman is a mechanical buff who has expertise in creating remote controlled gadgetry that are typically designed to harass, menace and terrorise mankind. Bauna in Hindi means dwarf but despite this physical disadvantage, Vaman is one of the few villains who is highly respected among his ilk. But Vaman is not all evil and has often come to the aid of Dhruv on occasions when the survival of earth is under threat.

Bauna Vaman

5. Chumba:

Chumba first appeared in Dhruv comics ‘Chumba ka Chakravyuh’, considered one of the best comics in the entire Dhruv universe. The name Chumba is derived from the Hindi word Chumbak, meaning magnet. Obviously, he is a master of magnetic powers. Chumba is expert in concept of magnetism and has the ability to manipulate electromagnetic waves against his enemies. He is one of the three cyborg villains of Super Commando Dhruv.

Chumba - Villains of Super Commando Dhruva

4. Dhwani Raj:

Dhwani Raj, or the King of Sound, was once a celebrated professor named Kale who studied sonic powers to their extreme. An evil scientific genius, Dhwani Raj uses sound energy to demolish everything in his path and fulfil his ambitions. Using sonic waves as his weapon, Dhwani Raj first appears in ‘Aawaz ki Tabahi’. Vacuum is the only weakness of Dhwani Raj’s powers but Super Commando Dhruv finds his own ways to tackle this sound terrorist.

Dhwani Raj

3. Mahamanav:


Making his debut in the Dhruv comic book of the same name, Mahamanav is shown as the only living thing on earth which has rapidly evolved to reach a stage where man would be thousands of years later. Thus, to Mahamanav, man is his ancestor. Due to his rapid evolution, Mahamanav develop unparalleled psychic powers. His sole aim is to recreate conditions that would make human evolution faster so as to match his level. He has strong telepathic and mind control abilities. He also holds the power to manipulate weather conditions. However, he cannot withstand too much heat.

Mahamanav - Villains of Super Commando Dhruva

2. Chandakaal:

Claiming to be the last of the demon race, Chandakaal is a monster from every angle. Chandakaal has proficiency in coaxing people using his dark magic. He sometimes uses a magic wand which provides strength to his powers. Being from the race of demons, his actions too are demonic in nature.


1. Grand Master Robo:


One of the most commonly known Raj Comics super villains, Grand Master Robo is the supreme boss of an international terrorist network. He first appeared in the closing pages of Super Commando Dhruv’s fifth comic titled ‘Maut ka Olympic’, where he was introduced as the mysterious ruler of an international crime syndicate. Initially he was a gangster and was known as Gangster Robert Sheen. However, in a gang war he lost his vital body parts, which was later replaced with bionic parts by doctors. Post the development, he is a part human and part machine and has enhanced physical abilities. Besides, his body is immune to the poison of a Mamba snake, while his left eye fires powerful laser beam.

Grand Master Robo - Villains of Super Commando Dhruva


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