Top 10 video games of all time

Updated on 11 May, 2012 at 10:16 am


Video games opened up a new world to people when they were first pioneered as amusement devices with the world’s first computers. As early as 1947, people had already started experimenting with video games on the earliest computers. The early games were a lot simpler than they are today and did not have such details as the games and consoles of today have. The first commercially marketed video game was a coin operated one and was launched in 1971. The first well known console was launched a few years later when Atari a very well known name in the world of games today started its ‘pong’  console. Games have become big business and also have become very popular; we look at the top ten video games of all time.

10. Tetris:

Everyone has played Tetris at some point in their life. It is a very simple game where falling blocks of different shapes and sizes need to be arranged into lines on the floor. The object of the game is to make multiple combinations of lines and score as many points as possible. A game with no end level, it gets faster and faster with every level and can keep a person hooked for hours.

9. Starcraft:

Starcraft is a real time military strategy game that was first launched in 1998. The futuristic game is set in the 27th century where three sides constantly battle it out to destroy each other’s bases and gain victory. The game’s online version was immensely popular and the game itself is one of the most successful of all time. It has set new standards for strategy games to be developed on.

8. Super Mario Kart:

This game was released in 1992 and it set off a whole new era in the world of computer and video games. The characters of the classic Mario Bros. game were all involved in this game but they were racing against each other in high speed karts. Armed with weapons and different variations of the performance according to the flawlessness of the driving, this game became an instant hit and was also the inspiration for many more such games.


7. The Secret of Mana:

RPGs are role playing games, and the Secret of Mana is one of the best RPG games of all time. It was among the last RPGs that had multiplayer mode on a single platform which was amazing in its own right. Easily one of the best games ever, you haven’t played anything if you haven’t played this.

6. Final Fantasy 3:

Final Fantasy series games are all amazing but FF3 is one of the best games to have ever been made. This game is immensely vast and yet not a single dull moment is offered when you play it. The amazing storylines that transcend our world into distant worlds makes it a big draw for people of all ages. A perfect getaway from the real world into the virtual, this game will satisfy most of your gaming needs.

5. Castlevania- Symphony of the Night:

This Playstation game is still very popular among many people as once you start playing this one, you won’t want to stop. The game has some amazing features which also include some amazing music which will keep you entertained as you go out into the wild to play the role of a bounty hunter.

4. Super Metroid:

This game was a Nintendo based game and was a successor to a previous version known as Metroid. This game also has some amazing music in it and also some amazing adventures, the vastness of the game will keep you glued to it for hours and it’s an instantly addictive game that you will want to keep playing.

3. Chrono Trigger:

The game lets you travel to any point on the earth chasing adventures; it is one of the best RPG games ever made as it has some real appeal with the different missions in it. The unconventional nature of this game is such that it lets you travel even to the end of time chasing some adventure.

2. Super Mario Bros:

Super Mario Bros. is perhaps among the best known games of all time. Nothing needs to be said about this game as it was full of fun and adventure and almost the entire world has played this game at least once. The two plumber brothers are on an epic quest to rescue the princess from the fire breathing dragon and its loaded with mini missions and skill quests that are thoroughly enjoyable.


1. The Legend of Zelda- A link to the Past:

The third game in the series of three games, this game has a lot of adventure mixed with some intricate role playing. Its one of those perfect games which you can’t help but love and it will leave you glued on for hours even if you are not a particular fan of games. Deserving to be on top of the best video games of all time, this game is many game themes packed into one.