Top 10 Most Venomous Fish In The World

3:00 am 31 May, 2014

Oceans have always captivated the human minds. The sight of deep blue waters and the magnanimous marine life have beckoned us to spend our holidays by the beaches. Being an imperative branch of our ecology, aquatic ecosystemcovers just about 70% of the Earth’s surface. At a glance, the aquatic life seems really attractive, but the deep oceans are home to more than 1200 venomous species of fish. However, most of them use their venom for preying or defensive purpose. The following ten fish varieties are classified as the most venomous fish in the world. Take note, if planning a holiday by the beaches this summer.

10. Stonefish

Belonging to the Synanceiidae family of fish, Stonefish is commonly found near the coastal regions of Indo-Pacific oceans and even around the coasts of Florida and in the Caribbean too. The fish got a sticky tag because of its ability to camouflage itself with the ocean floors. Stonefish have needle-like dorsal fin spines that carry several potent neurotoxins that are secreted from the glands and can cause even death if the venom is not treated well in time.

Most Venomous Fish In The World

9. Lionfish

Easily identified from its vibrantly colored showy pectoral fins, Lionfish is another member of Scorpaenidae family and there are 10 recognized species in this genus. Found mostly in the Indo-Pacific, Lionfish have venomous fin rays, which classifies them excellent predators and poisonous. Although, most genus of this family is not fatal for the humans, some species produce lethal venom that can cause temporary paralysis, heart failure and in some cases even death.

Most Venomous Fish In The World

8. Scorpion Fish

Quite similar to its relative Lionfish, Scorpion Fish is very attractive and has an amazing ability to camouflage itself with the surroundings. Mainly found near tropical waters and the warm shorelines of the coastal areas, Scorpion fish has prickly venomous fins with high content of poison in them. In case, the fish injects its venom into the human body, it causes difficulty in breathing with complications like Diarrhea, Nausea and Paralysis.

Most Venomous Fish In The World

7. Stargazer

Named for its prominent features like upward-facing mouth and eyes on top of their heads, Stargazer belongs to Uranoscopidae family and is mainly found in shallow salt waters. The fish has two large poison spines behind their opercles that is just above their pectoral fins and can even cause electric shocks up to 50 volts. However, the fish doesn’t cause any harm unless and until it is disturbed.

Most Venomous Fish In The World

6. Pufferfish

Pufferfish is the most venomous fish in its Tetraodontidae family and is the second-most poisonous vertebrates in the world. Specifically found in tropical regions of South America, Central Africa and Southeast Asia, Puffer fish has venomous fins which are mainly used for defensive purposes. In case a human is intoxicated with the venom, it can cause rapid increase in heart rate, decreased blood pressure, and muscle paralysis.

Most Venomous Fish In The World

5. Toadfish

The fish got its name for their toad like appearance and its ability to produce sound with their swim bladders. Chiefly found in shallow or moderate depths along continental coasts, toadfish has a heavy-body with flattened head and strong teeth. Moreover, the fish has venom injecting spines on their dorsal fins with venom sufficient to immediate heart-attack or eve death.

Most Venomous Fish In The World

4. Stingrays

Classified in the suborder Myliobatoidei, Stingrays cartilaginous fishes related to sharks and are mainly found in coastal tropical and subtropical marine waters. Regarded as the most dangerous fish in its family, stingrays only attack in self-defense and most reported cases are at times divers’ accidentally step on them. However, stingray’s venom is extremely painful and begins with severe tenderness in the chest or abdominal area that can even cause heart-attack if not removed in time.     

Most Venomous Fish In The World

3. Catfish

The venomous fish belongs to a diverse group of ray-finned fish that can live inland or in coastal waters and is found in all most every continent except Antarctica. Apart from their protruding whiskers, catfish has external spines near their fins that are directly related to venom glands inside the body. In case a catfish attacks with its venom, it can cause severe pain and inflammation at the site of the sting.

Most Venomous Fish In The World

2. Chimaeras

Also known as ghost sharks or ratfish, Chimaeras are considered to be the closest living relatives of sharks. Mainly found at relatively shallow depths, Chimaeras have elongated, soft bodies, with a bulky head. As a primitive member of their family, Chimaeras have a prominent strong pungent spine, which is venomous but only uses the venom for defensive purposes.

Most Venomous Fish In The World

1. Box Jellyfish

Distinguished by their cube-shaped medusa, box jelly fish is considered as the most venomous fish in the world. Commonly known as sea wasp, box jelly fish can move more rapidly than other Jellyfish and have tentacles up to 3 meters in length. Venom found in a box jelly fish can cause hyperkalemia, cardiovascular collapse and death in less than 5 minutes.

Most Venomous Fish In The World


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