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Top 10 Useful Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone

Updated on 28 December, 2015 at 2:22 pm By

Smartphones have replaced many portable electronic accessories, and there are more of them which are likely to disappear in near future. Wrist watches, alarm clocks, calculators, music player, digital cameras, pagers etc. are history. Compass today is just an antique; you have got Google maps now. Many critics would classify a smartphone as a great distraction and equipment of a stupid generation. But, the fact is, negatives are easily outweighed by the positives. There are some really useful applications of a smartphone, that’ll convince you of buying it if you don’t have one already.  If you aren’t a dumbo, you would be interested in reading our list of top 10 useful things you can do with your smartphone. Read on!

10. Tingle Your Neuropath-ways Every Now and Then:

If you think recreation isn’t an essential part of healthy human life, you are seriously mistaken. Life without recreation – well, we better not call it life then. While video games or virtual recreational applications are widely criticized for replacing physical activity, it’s equally true that in a world crowded by electronic devices, smartphones give you a window to quick recreational treats. Today, it’s damn easy to ward off stress or kill time. Mobile games are inherent features of even the most basic handsets, but with Smartphones, range of games and the whole gaming experience has taken a new turn. Android, Windows Phones, iOS etc. have an infinite treasure of recreational applications.

Tingle Your Neuropath-ways Every Now and Then

9. The World is At Your Fingertips:


IOS, and Android based phones will let you control your computer like a remote-controlled mouse and keyboard.  You can use the mouse pointer by waving the phone in air, which makes use of the accelerometer in your phone. Similarly, a smartphone can let you use your phone’s screen as a touchpad or call up the on-screen keyboard to type. Obliviously, you would need to install some software in your PC as well to make it compatible with the phone. Remote car starters are common and most of luxury car users are aware of it, but the range of operation for these starters is very limited. If you are using an Android smartphone, Blackberry or iOS, you should try Viper’s SmartStart app.  It lets you start your car from anywhere. All you need to have is an Internet connection. It’s a great pleasure in case you want to warm up your engine, turn on AC or heater while you are three train stations away to get a nice and toasty welcome when you reach your car.

The World is At Your Fingertips

8. Say Goodbye to Your Wallet; join the e-generation:

If you aren’t fan of fashionable purses or wallets, a smartphone can reduce the bulk you carry around. Online banking, saving credit card information, PayPal payments etc. all makes it very easy and a secure option to shop or pay for anything. You can transfer, receive, and monitor the money in your account on the go. MasterCard , Visa, AmEx etc. provide their own apps to help smartphone users store the confidential information. Also, most banks are now coming with their own apps with strong security options. Two applications to download on your smartphone include CardStar and PayPal Mobile. PayPal Mobile is a free application; it’s compatible with iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Symbian phones. CardStar, another app, can be download for Window Mobiles and iPhone in addition to Android and Blackberry.

Say Goodbye to Your Wallet; join the e-generation

7. Video Chat with Anyone:

Video chatting isn’t limited to a PC or iPad. If you are using an iPhone, Windows mobiles or Blackberry, you can easily connect to messaging applications such as Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Google+, Yahoo, AIM, etc. or use Wi-Fi for video chatting. Mobiola WebCamera is one good example of such apps. There are number of similar applications that are available for free download and let you enjoy video chatting on the go. Things that were perhaps luxuries even for the richest people on earth few years ago are now tiny features in Smartphones. So, take it easy. The world isn’t going in wrong direction all the way. Good things are happening here and your smartphone is one of them.

Video Chat with Anyone

6. Investigate Anything based on Pictorial Information Available:

The advanced algorithm behind the recognition technology is getting better with each passing month (in an R&D lab that would be a day!). How about getting information about an unidentified object, place, person, product etc. by just uploading a picture of it to a particular web application? For instance, you are checking out the picture of a landmark, but cannot figure out its name.  Use Google Goggles (for Android OS). It will carry out the investigation for you. Upload the image and if the landmark is in the database of Google, everything that has been uploaded regarding it on the web will be searched and served for your viewing. You can also scan a barcode for price check, receipt for tax purposes, or a business card. There are lots of scanning apps that’ll replace the bulky faxing/scanning combos.

Investigate Anything based on Pictorial Information Available

5. Hot Spot:

Wireless Internet connectivity to the Laptops, tabs and notebooks has gained a great relevance in the present era of virtual globalization. Many Smartphones allow you to create mobile hotspot, which works like a Wi-Fi with multiple devices. This feature replaces the need of a router or another peripheral device. That’s really useful for people who travel a lot, but still wish to stay connected to the Internet. That saves your expenses of purchasing and carrying wireless modem or devices. And, they’re bulky too! You can share your connection with 6-7 friends with your smartphone, which works like a wireless hub. Some Smartphones have inbuilt features, while others would ask for application downloads. Androd, iOS and Windows stores offer such application of both types, paid and free.

Hot Spot

4. Learn or Read on the Go:

How many books can a person carry around in a bag? Not much, really. However, in a smartphones, you can carry electronic libraries to anywhere with you. Downloading Kindle e-reader to read Amazon e-books isn’t the only way to read your favorite books. Rather, now most of the smartphone can access Amazon’s Kindle app. You can purchase or download free books with various applications and catalogue them properly for a managed reading. Other than e-books, you can also read your documents or download dictionaries from online stores. Language translator apps also promote the use of Smartphones for educational purposes.

Learn or Read on the Go

3. Monitor Your Health:


Gone are the times when you would hold a wristwatch in one hand and count the heartbeat by putting fingers on the arteries on your neck or wrist. That wasn’t the 18th century. It was just 10 years ago, for your information. Today, there are fewer wristwatches. Smartphones are turning into useful, portable health monitoring devices. ‘Instant Heart Rate app’ (Compatible with iOS, Android) is one such app that you should try to find out what we are trying to say, really! Download it, install it, and simply touch the screen with your finger and let the phone’s camera scan your blood flow, which it uses to calculate your pulse rate. It’s just a single example of such useful health monitoring applications. Try to dig deeper into online app stores provided by Android, Windows, and iOS based smarphone manufactures and you’ll find much more than this.

Monitor Your Health

2. You Don’t Need a Guide Anymore (Not if you’re Headed to Amazon Rainforests):

Access to Google Maps is a well know feature of most of the latest Smartphones available in the market. You might not find it useful while roaming in your local streets, but it’s a great help when you find yourself stranded in an unfamiliar part of town or a different city. You can know about the directions with great ease. Google Maps is the best buddy if you are a passionate traveler. It’s a highly advanced map in your pocket with options that a paper map can never offer; find directions for driving, walking, to public transits and so on. Smartphones have built-in GPS sensors that work with the pre-planned maps to pinpoint the location. You can spot relevant restaurants, fueling stations, ATMs etc just with your smartphone.

You Don’t Need a Guide Anymore

1. Connect to The World Wide Web:


Very few of the above mention applications would be feasible to use or download if your phone doesn’t allow you to connect to the Internet. It’s the basic and most needed feature in any smartphone to make best of it. Ability to allow you to access Internet on the go is the most useful feature of any smartphone. A handset won’t be smart if it doesn’t give an easy connectivity to the World Wide Web. Internet is what makes smartphone really useful, be it communication, collaboration, recreation or anything else. There are number of apps, which you can download and use offline, but a major chunk of relevant applications run only if you’ve an internet connection.

Connect to The World Wide Web


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