Top 10 Uninvented Ideas

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Updated on 16 Apr, 2014 at 5:35 pm


Every single day, your brain comes up with stack of ideas and solutions, reminding you that you’re someone unique, ready to encounter even deepest parameter of obstacles. You better know that there would be a day when your ideas will blossom to serve the humanity. We bring to you ten Uninvented Ideas that are tough challenge to science but we know; one day, they’d come up for sure. A salute to human brain and good luck for these daring projects!

10. Space Elevator:

Also known as geostationary orbital tether, a space elevator is a conceptualization to transport materials from the surface of earth to space. Proposed as a non-rocket spacelaunch structure, this free-standing space ladder will require a material which can persist frightful stress to connect the 35,785 km distance between the surface of earth and geostationary orbit. According to recent concepts, the space bridge can rely on boron nitride nanotube or carbon nanotube, as both materials comprise an enormous strength to make this structure possible.

9. Deflector Shield:

Deflector shield is a transparent barrier made of layers, containing energetic distortion mechanism to protect an object from intrusions or natural hazards. The energy shield will comprise monolithic concentration of gravitons so that an external force can never reach the other side by trespassing the central axis of the field. Strength of this shield will depend on the repulsive force as well as on its closeness to the attacker.

8. Replicator:

Replicator is a proposed device which can rearrange subatomic particles to construct any non-living matter. Before achieving a pre-scanned matter pattern, the matter is converted into energy which is subsequently reformed in complex quantum structure. In easy words, this technology dematerializes matter into fragmented level and again rematerializes it in another form.

7. Transatlantic Tunnel:


Inspired from the story – “An Express of the Future,” published in 1895 in “Strand Magazine,” this much anticipated tunnel would connect Europe and North America, by travelling a long distance inside the Atlantic Ocean. No doubt, requirements of this submerged floating tunnel are beyond the limitation of current materials science but if implemented once, it can ensure the maximum speed of 8,000 km/hr. Wake up in New York City and have your breakfast in London, within an hour!

6. Terraforming:

According to this hypothesis, you can deliberately change the environment of any planet, similar to those of earth’s, making it habitable. Initially, it proposes the importation of microbial life on any planet so that it can fuel the productivity of oxygen, accelerating the possibility of human life. Apart from being a non-feasible financial project, this technology also requires the making out of complex geochemical, geophysical and astrophysical standards.

5. Virtual Ocean Colonization:

The idea behind this project is to induct an ecological existence on the surface of ocean. Considering about the future occupants of the earth, the ocean colony would provide apartments, hotels, industries, universities and other daily requirements, necessary for societal growth. This strategy of long-term human habitation beneath water is an admirable step to convert the existing world in less crowded and less energy intensive place.

4. Anti-gravity:

Far away from the confinements of gravity, this technology was conceptualized to create a place where one can float around without experiencing any type of difficulty. According to the theory of general relativity, gravity is an outcome of the geometry of space, which, further, outlaws the potential of anti-gravity type effects. The concept of anti-gravity deals with a revolving superconductor and its relation to gravity. By all accounts of scientific exploration, anti-gravitational effect is proportional to the speed of spinning semiconductor.

3. Global Municipal Wi-Fi:

This brainstorming project deals with turning the entire world into a Wireless Access Zone (WAZ) by covering it with wireless mesh network. On local level, this service is done by providing municipal broadband via Wi-Fi to the municipal area. Numerous cities across he world have deployed this technology but they share a futile portion, when considered on global level. Indeed, the global Wi-Fi thing would be amazingly wonderful because you could access TopYaps from any corner in world.

2. Human Teleportation:

An imagination to transfer matter from one point to another, this phenomenon would be possible if and only if the speed of transfer is identical to the speed of light. To accomplish this phenomenon successfully, the machine must examine all of the 1028 atoms of human body with exact precision. This information of trillion and trillion atoms is send to another location, where body would be rebuilt with pinpoint accuracy, just like a fax machine.

1. Time Travel:


Counted among one of the most adored topics of science fiction, this hypothesis is all about moving between different slots of time. If someone move away and return to earth at relativistic velocities, more time would have passed on Earth than for the traveler, which clearly indicates that he was in future. However, it’s a tough job to figure out that how much time he “exactly” passed between departure and arrival, but the “proper time” experienced by both the traveler and the earth can be answered objectively. According to time dilation, a body moving at high velocity experiences a time that ticks slower than the time evaluated at zero velocity.

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