Top 10 Topics That Should Be Taught in Indian Schools

9:00 am 19 Mar, 2013

I can’t speak for other countries, but surely can for all of us who have gone to school in India. If someone says “the education system in schools in India needs an immediate upgrade”, there will be many who will agree outright. It is important to understand that the words are not meant for your approval or disapproval, but sorely because the speaker feels it within. Here, thus, for a little understanding I’ve listed top 10 topics that should be taught in Indian schools (feel free to differ in the comments section).

10. Eastern Philosophy:

The Indian education system, for now, values only the western philosophies and has neglected the Eastern ones. Reasons for it can be many, but that isn’t important. What is important is that schools in India have to focus on including Eastern philosophy in their curriculum and teach the students philosophies from countries like India, China, Korea and Japan. The cultures of the Eastern nations have more in similarity with ours than those of the West.

Eastern Philosophy - Topics That Should Be Taught in Indian Schools

9. Using Internet for self learning:

Students in India are still very new to the concept of internet. Some schools are imbibing e-learning into their curriculum to make learning easy and to make students understand the power of internet. Students in India need to be taught how to use internet for self-learning without succumbing to its negatives. Student need to be taught how to study from the internet and how to access various books and sources to their benefit from the internet.

Using Internet for self learning - Topics That Should Be Taught in Indian Schools

8. Scientific theories in progress:

Scientific study gives us the ability to solve problems and apply ourselves. Thus, it is important for schools in India to teach scientific theories which lead in progress. It is important to help children understand what scientific progress is and what makes it possible. This will allow students to look back at scientific theories of the past and compare it with the present day progress. This will help them incorporate past success and make effect in the new theories.

Scientific theories in progress - Topics That Should Be Taught in Indian Schools

7. Unsolved mathematical problems:

Math is really a mysterious subject. Almost all of us at school have found it difficult to understand, and same is the problem with almost all students in schools of late. But, Mathematics shouldn’t be treated as mystery subject because it is the basis of the universe. Study of Mathematics has allowed many brilliant minds to find bizarre and amazing patterns that have helped us over the years. It is important to inculcate the study of unsolved mathematical problems besides regular math to sharpen the minds of the students.

Unsolved mathematical problems - Topics That Should Be Taught in Indian Schools

6. Social skills:

Student at the school are bound between their peers, teachers and their books. Students, therefore, have no real knowledge of the outside world. When they move out of their school, they have least knowledge of social behavior and become easy baits for antisocial elements to manipulate. It is therefore important to inculcate social skills as a subject in schools so that students know how to communicate and behave with each other, and with others, in the social environment.

Social Skills

5. Sex education:

Given the amount of sources of information these days, there is hardly a teen today who is unaware of the meaning of sex. Every child will have his own notion of what sex is – as they may have understood it. It is therefore important to teach sex education in schools to make children aware of the human nature, safe sexual conduct, sex related diseases and the harms (if any) associated with it to allow a student to keep him/her safe in the social environment.

Sex Education - Topics That Should Be Taught in Indian Schools

4. Gender decorum:

Over the years, the rise in gender crimes in India and the bias against girl child in different social sections, prompts us to think that gender decorum and respect for women is something that needs to be instilled in boys’ right at the school level. A subject as sensitive as gender decorum should be included in school syllabus to make them aware of equality for girls, and for girls to be aware of their rights.

Gender decorum - Topics That Should Be Taught in Indian Schools

3. India against corruption movement:

India against corruption movement or Jan Andolan was a non political, collective and organized people’s movement, which formed to ensure a corruption free India. The movement, initiated by anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare, Sarbajit Roy, Veeresh Malik and others, gave birth to a non-affiliated political party – the Aam Aadmi Party. The students in India should be familiar with this significant mass movement in independent India; a reason why it should be taught in schools as a subject.

India against corruption movement - Topics That Should Be Taught in Indian Schools

2. Right to Information:

Many schools and universities around the world are now teaching right to information as a part of the course structure or as a separate course. And, with right to information included as an Act in the Indian constitution, it has become all the more necessary to teach it in Indian schools so that even the children become fully aware of it.

Right to Information - Topics That Should Be Taught in Indian Schools

1. Time Management skills:

Time management is one simple yet really practical technique, which has helped many leading personalities to reach the pinnacles of their respective careers. Therefore, as teens become more independent and more distracted with things they have access to, it is important for them to inculcate time management skill to be able to complete their responsibilities in time. Teaching time management skills can begin right from school so it should form part of the curriculum in Indian schools.

Time Management skills - Topics That Should Be Taught in Indian Schools

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