Top 10 Tips to Wake Up Early in the Morning

12:00 pm 14 Feb, 2013


Sleep is a natural rejuvenation process. The importance of a good night sleep cannot be undermined. Besides, there is a natural synchronisation between the nature and our bodies. If we were meant to be night owls, we would have had better night vision. It is in the natural cycle that we are day animals and, therefore, to optimise the most on our energies and be productive, getting up early in the morning seems to be a natural choice. But how many of us can really get up early in the morning? It is a habit developed very hard but easy to discard. So, here we give you top 10 tips which will not only help you wake up early in the morning but also tell you why you should do so.

10. No dinner before bed time:

A lot of us tend to do it, forgetting that digestion takes a bit of time to kick in. A healthy habit is to eat at least two hours prior to sleep and you will notice the difference yourself. Of course, the prerequisite here, and to most of the other tips, is to go to bed at the right time ensuring that you catch up on the minimum required number of hours of sleep at your age.

No dinner before bed time

9. The alarm should be kept across the room:

It has become a part of our natural system to snooze, sometimes quite often. The trick is to set the alarm at its largest volume and put it right across the room. A shrill loud alarm would obviously irritate you and force you to get out of bed.

The alarm should be kept across the room in order to wake up early

8. Put a glass of water near the alarm:

Try this: When the alarm rings in the morning, walk across the room, switch it off and drink that glass of water. It pacifies the system, sending a signal that it is time to get up. It is also a healthy habit to drink a glass of water right after you are up.

Put a glass of water near the alarm

7. Plan the day before:


Each one of us needs a reason to live but what works even better is if we have a reason to get up early in the morning. Go ahead, join an early morning joggers’ group or plan something with your family. Motivation – that is what kicks you out of your bed. And if you have enough of it, you probably could do without your early morning coffee, too.

Plan the day before

6. Exercise:

Indulge yourself in any physical activity throughout the day and your body will naturally want the rest at the end of it. Workout, join an aerobics class, dance, run, jog, do anything that requires you to use your muscles. Not only does it keep you healthy but also wears off the body so that it starts demanding rest. It is a good idea to exercise early in the morning rather than evening because it keeps you pepped up for the day and promises you a good night’s sleep.

Exercise helps you to wake up early

5. Have someone wake you up:

This works wonders if you are in a hostel. You could always ask your family or a friend to wake you up. And, of course, you have to ask them to keep on calling you repeatedly. But there is a condition: The one you have assigned the task of waking you up should not be as lazy as you.

Have someone wake up

4. Leave the curtains open:

This works only if you have a window in your house through which the rays of the early morning sun can get in. My bedroom has a glorious view of trees and I leave the curtains open so that when the sun comes out it falls right on my face. For those without the luxury of the ‘Great Awakener’, try the other tips.

Leave the curtains open

3. Don’t extend your sleeping hours:

From the practical alarm tips, we move to the self-control ones.  Do not oversleep. Do not be lazy. Once your eyes open and you have had your sufficient amount of sleep, muster some will and get out of bed. Get in a schedule. Go to bed early and get up early. Do not have coffee or an apple in the night.

Don’t extend your sleeping hours

2. Establish a routine:

Reckless living is fine as long as you are in college. But making it your lifestyle is an unhealthy choice.  Having a routine puts your life in order and automatically gets you into your bed on time. Be sure that you adhere to the routine or else the very purpose of making one is defeated.

Establish a routine

1. Practical solutions with strong reasons:


So, while having a goal in your life or perhaps having small goals which push you out of your bed every day is a good thing, it also does not hurt to have a terrible alarm tone which just wakes you up from that peaceful sleep. In the end it is a balance of self-control and practical techniques which will get you out of bed. Establish a routine, eat healthy, be productive, stay happy and get a loud alarm tone.

Find practical solutions with strong reasons to wake up early

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