Top 10 Tips to Remember While Dating Someone Fashion Conscious

2:00 pm 25 Feb, 2013


Finding a romantic partner is perhaps the only thing that can be a real task for every man. And when you find one in the form of a fashion conscious woman, your work is only half done; you have a long, stiff task of maintaining a relationship with her. It can be really intimidating to date such a woman, even if she is the most loveable one, because no matter what, the one thing that she’ll always love more than you is fashion. Nonetheless, dating and impressing a fashionista doesn’t take much. So, if you are dating someone fashion conscious woman, please keep these top 10 tips in mind.

10. Don’t try to emulate her:

The stupidest thing you can do while dating someone fashion-conscious is to try and match their fashion obsession. Be practical; you cannot do that, and an effort will only make you broke. Be simple and be yourself that is probably the best way you can instill a sense of confidence in a fashionable woman. And no matter what planet women belong to, they always like a confident man.

Don’t try to emulate her - Remember While Dating Someone Fashion Conscious

9. Listen to her fashion talks:

A man who listens to a woman patiently and tries to understand her is an instant hit. Therefore, it is important that you actively listen to her. All that she will talk about will be fashion, and it may be alien to your ‘soccer brain’, but that is what you will have to do. Just make sure you don’t put her off by branding fashion talks and fashion itself as silly.

Listen to her fashion talks

8. Stay updated on fashion:

Google is every boyfriend’s best friend; you being in the league should try and make the most of it. Try and be updated with fashion and the latest trends in fashion. Because your fashion conscious date will have only fashion to speak of, you wouldn’t want to look a dumbo, so be up-to-date with fashion, and always have your two cents in all her discussions.

Stay updated on fashion - Remember While Dating Someone Fashion Conscious

7. Impress her with your fashion knowledge:


Garnering knowledge about fashion will not only be your weapon in fashion discussions, it will also be your biggest weapon to impress her. Women like men who show interest in what they say, do or like; so, if you are on the same page with her on fashion, she is bound to love it. She will really be impressed by the level of interest you have in her, and you knowledge of fashion will make you a good boyfriend, too.

Impress her with your fashion knowledge

6. Try and be a little stylish:

Yes, it’s true, you don’t have to try and match your fashion conscious date in any way, but yes, you will have to look a little stylish and presentable, to match her style. Fashion conscious women do not desire a shabby creature around them. So you can trade your old jeans for a new one, and maybe an old t-shirt could be replaced with a new one. You can at least make this change to your present lifestyle.

Try and be a little stylish - Remember While Dating Someone Fashion Conscious

5. Accompany her on shopping sprees:

A fashion conscious woman will be a real spendthrift and a big shopper. She may love to visit a mall or a fashion outlet every weekend. So, make it a point, whenever possible, to accompany her shopping. You can be true about your pocket and buy something for her, but being with her can be a heartening thing for her. Women love men who care for them and this little gesture of yours could really do the trick.

Accompany her on shopping sprees

4. Make her feel special:

The smallest things done for a woman makes her feel really special. There is hardly a woman who’d want her lover to build her a Taj Mahal, but there is no woman who would not want her man to make her feel special. Even if your gal is all crazy for fashion, she has a little heart in there, which craves for love and care and wants to be treated special. So, try and do little things to make her feel she is special and loved.

Make her feel special

3. Introduce a second interest to her:

Steadily through your dates you will became a part of your fashionista’s life and routine. To an extent, having started reading about fashion and being more presentable, you have already changed yourself a bit. So, you can surely expect her to change for you. This is the time when you can distract her mind from her obsession and introduce some other interest to her; it could be something that interests you or something that you both like.

Introduce a second interest to her

2. Be the one she would love to be with:

Most men lost their dates or have problems with their romantic partner because they didn’t try enough in their relationship and changed a lot trying to impress their woman. You should avoid this thing. Be caring, concerned and try to maintain the identity that you have. Your identity is what she was attracted to in the first place, and this is what will make her love you forever.

Be the one she would love to be with Remember While Dating Someone Fashion Conscious

1. Let her be herself:


All of us have separate identities. If you have the right to be yourself, she has the right to be herself, too. Just because she is a fashion conscious, does not mean that she transforms herself into a low maintenance woman who shouldn’t care about her looks and attire. Let her be herself; let her help herself look good. If you give your partner the space they require, you will have a lasting relationship.

Let her be herself

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