Top 10 Tips to Make Your Content Go Viral

12:00 pm 12 Mar, 2013

Those who are into online publishing understand the importance of creating viral content – content that is a runaway hit with a particular audience. Hit content ensures more revenue returns. Those who create content want it to be a sensation on the internet. But how do you create content which becomes a rage (something everyone wants to read)? Listed below are top 10 tips to make your content go viral.

10. Create interesting and useful content:

You cannot keep generating content that isn’t useful and which isn’t interesting, the internet is packed with stuffs of all kinds, and it is no selling point for any publisher. The simplest root to viral content is to make your content as interactive, as interesting and as useful to the reader as possible. Readers will only refer back to your webpage if they find something interesting and useful there.

Create interesting and useful content - Tips to Make Your Content Go Viral

9. Be regular with your content:

You may be the best at generating interesting content that people will wish to read, but you cannot make your content a rage on the internet unless you frequently update the content. Once a reader has found something worth reading on your site, he will return for more, and if there are no regular updates, the person may not come back again. Loosing readers just because of your laziness is perhaps the stupidest thing to do.

Be regular with your content

8. Use catchy headlines:

Headline is the face of your content on the internet. A reader will be attracted to your article only by reading the headline. Thus, it is important to create catchy, attractive and informative headlines, which speak about what you are providing in the article. Good, catchy headlines will get you more weightage on search engines and increase the chances of your content to go viral.

Use catchy headlines - Tips to Make Your Content Go Viral

7. Capture emerging trends:

Search engines, especially Google, have recently updated their search query results according to freshness; this means that preference is given to timely updates. So, it becomes even more important to generate timely content on emerging trends to gain an advantage over other similar contents on the same topic. As your content becomes more prominent on search engines, it automatically becomes viral.

Capture emerging trends

6. Spend time on content and proof read it:

Readers like and appreciate content which is informative, engaging, error free and well written. So, once you’ve completed your research work and have compiled an article, it is important to spend some time reading through it to make sure it is error free, both in facts and grammar, before you finally publish it.

Spend time on content and proof read it - Tips to Make Your Content Go Viral

5. Know your customer:

In order to make sure your content reaches your intended target audience, you have to spend some time looking into your webpage’s stats and database to understand your readers and their common interests. This will help you enhance your write-ups to meet their expectations and put across your idea to the satisfaction of the readers, or visitors.

Know your customer

4. Let your audience speak:

Content on the internet cannot go viral without readers. And readers don’t become attracted to the site unless they have opportunity to say something of their own. Ability to converse freely on the site with the writer is the best thing a reader enjoys doing when he finds the content gripping and interesting. It is therefore important that you have a comment section in the article you write, and your site has an easy-to-access contact page in case visitor wants to contact you.

Let your audience speak - Tips to Make Your Content Go Viral

3. Use infographics:

People on the internet have so much variety of content that they don’t spend more than a few seconds scanning a piece of content. This is where visual infographics come into play. These are talking pictures, which engage readers on the site and compels them to read it on. Using interesting infographics with content can really enhance the readership to your page and make your content go viral.

 Use infographics

2. Marketing and advertising:

Nothing is better than a good marketing strategy and a nice advertising plan. Marketing and advertising have played a major role in the success of the biggest of ventures and publications, both on and offline. So, if you want your content to go viral, investing into marketing and advertising can be a good way to reach out to a larger audience and to create a buzz about your content amid them.

Marketing and advertising - Tips to Make Your Content Go Viral

1. Add social buttons:

Social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook have taken the world by storm. Thus, using these platforms to share your content and make it go viral can be a great ploy. Given the amount of people who use social networking sites, your content (if useful) can really become a rage instantly. Placing social share buttons on your site can enable your readers to share your content with their circle, which adds to your popularity.

Add social buttons

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