Top 10 Tips to Look Better Than You Actually Are

10:00 am 16 Feb, 2013


Everyone is beautiful in his own little way; it is just about believing in yourself that you are beautiful. However, the world around us demands us to be better than what we are. If you want to cater to the needs of the society and look better than what you actually are, there are hundreds of thing that you can do right in your everyday routine. Because it isn’t practically possible to list all the things you can do (nor do you have time to read them all) we have for your quick bite, listed top 10 tips to look better than you actually are.

10. Exercise:

Adding extra pounds to your physique will do no good to your personality. Healthy mind rests in a healthy body, and a healthy person is the best to look at. So, it is recommended that you add exercise regime to your daily activity. You can go out for brisk walks, hit the gym or sit back at home and do some yoga; it’s up to you to decide. But one thing is guaranteed, as you begin to lose weight, you will begin to look better.


9. Be presentable:

A cheerful and presentable attitude will win you a look too many. Always make sure you are well (neatly) dressed, have well groomed hair and are perfect for the occasion. Wear what looks good on you – just making sure that it is your size. Wearing oversize clothes just mar your personality. Perfect clothing choice will convey your attitude and it will add wonders to your everyday look.

Be presentable

8. Be hygienic:

Everyone likes and appreciates a person who is clean and hygienic. Your neat and clean clothes, your well cut nails and hair and clean skin make you look hygienic. No matter how beautiful and well dressed you are, if you haven’t groomed your hair well or have long dirty nails, people will avoid you. Hygiene is also about eating healthy. Eating healthy and being hygienic in appearance will add wonders to your looks.

Be hygienic

7. Be comfortable and be yourself:

A person looks best when he is himself. When you try and be something that you are not, you are bound to make a blunder which can hurt you personality. So it is important that your wear and eat what you like so that you are comfortable and yourself all the time. If you are yourself and not trying to be someone else, you are definitely going to look better than what you are trying to be someone you are not.

Be comfortable and be yourself

6. Sleep well:

Sleep is the best beauty therapy; you may have heard many people tell you so. We aren’t telling you anything different either. But it is important. Sleeping well for at least 5-7 hours a day will not only make you feel good but it will also make you look better than what you presently do. Sleeping well relieves you of all the thoughts and adds a glow to your face.

Sleep well

5. Eat healthy:


Eating healthy, in a routine, is the best beauty treatment. Make sure you add green vegetables and fruits to your diet and cut down on the consumption of junk food. Junk food makes you look like junk itself, while fresh veggies and fruits will make your skin glow and will make you look better over time. Eating in a routine is also very important. This keeps a check on unwanted weight, which is a result of improper eating habits.

Eat healthy

4. Wear lesser makeup:

Wearing makeup is a good thing, but wearing a lot of making all the time can actually have reverse effect on the skin. So it is advised that besides on occasions, you wear lesser makeup, little highlighting of the eyes and some lip gloss can be a good choice. You can add a little blusher to highlight your face, but don’t overdo it. Most women look better without the makeup and you are one of them.

Wear lesser makeup

3. Don’t over accessorize:

Wearing accessories that match your clothes is just prefect to add that tinge of glamour to your looks. A matching necklace, bracelet, earrings, hair clip or hair band can be a good everyday accessory choice. But overdoing with accessories for everyday wear can be a bad idea. At times even accessories can mar your looks, this happens mainly when you wear a lot of accessories.

Don’t over accessorize

2. Dress up for the occasion:

Wearing clothes like it’s a party everyday isn’t a good idea. Clothes add glamour and style; they don’t make you look good. So it is important to dress according to the occasion and it is also imperative to select clothing that makes you look better and can hide those little flaws – say a bulging tummy or long legs. Be formal yet comfortable when you are going to work; be stylish when out shopping and look glamorous on a party or a function.

Dress up for the occasion

1. Keep smiling:

Smile is infectious, it makes you feel good and it also makes the others around you feel nice. Smile doesn’t only bring the feel good factor with it, it has the power to even make ugly look lovely. So the best and the easiest way to look better than what you actually are, is to smile and be happy.

Keep smiling