10 Tips To Handle Rejection That’ll Make You The Strongest Human

Updated on 30 Jan, 2015 at 7:38 pm


Low self-esteem or too much pride, both mark extreme behavior. Life is not all sunshine and rainbows. Taking it positively or too negatively is just a matter of perspective. Rejection never feels great, true; therefore, it is essential to develop a healthy attitude to deal with it and extract all the positivity out of it. To help you with this, here we provide top 10 tips to handle rejection.

10. Acknowledge rejection because things don’t happen to you alone.

A lot of people are rebuffed every day, but life doesn’t stop. Learn lessons from every rejection and don’t let it hamper your life.


9. Accept the emotional setback.

Never let that sadness take its toll over you. Cry, shout, get angry, but don’t bottle up your emotions.


Emotional setback


8. Think of the good things that make you strong and feel better about yourself.

How many times you’ve been genuinely appreciated for your work? How many times you’ve been rewarded for your great work? Many times, right! So get going.

Positive thing

7. Never say never because you never know what’s more in store for you.

No matter how many times you have been rejected, if life exists and so do you, there is plenty of room for new, better things to be part of it. Never sit back and hope things to get better on their own.


6.  Analyze rejection and reduce chances of committing the same mistakes again.

It might not help you feel great, but will eliminate the chances of committing the same mistakes again. Never leave a place without knowing the reason behind your rejection.


5.  Focus on your future.

It is better to concentrate on the things that you can actually control. You can be sad about the past, mourn over it, but that won’t help anything. It will just make you incapable of concentrating on your future.


4. Re-evaluate your expectations.

The amount of pain you feel after being rejected is directly proportional to the levels of your expectations. So make sure you are up against something achievable and realistic.


3. Deviate yourself from the thought of rejection.

With a relaxed mind you can think clearly and rationally. Engage yourself in your favorite games, eat your favorite foods or go out with friends.

Think rationally

2. Be more focused on the process, not the result.

Thinking about the end result alone will only make you feel anxious and disappointed. However, if you focus more on the process of getting your work done, you’ll remain more focused on doing things right.

Focus to get work done

1. Build a constructive attitude.

People, who handle rejection positively, have a healthy attitude towards it. It’s not always ‘the you’ who is reflected in a rejection, it can be other person’s bad mood or any other reasons, too.


Healthy attitude

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