Top 10 Tips to Get Rid of an Unwanted Friend

12:00 pm 8 Feb, 2013

Douglas Pagels once said that a friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be. In fact, one can get over even the toughest of times and trickiest of situations with good friends around. The same, however, cannot be said about those who fall under the “unwanted friend” category. There are always some friends, or acquaintances rather, who impose and often encroach upon our lives, being clingy while, at times, even exploiting our generosity. These are those friends who are best plucked out of our lives or met with from a distance. Here are top 10 tips to get rid of an unwanted friend.

10. Do and say things they dislike:

Well, it might be a tit-for-tat ploy but then you’ve got to do something, don’t you? So find out what that frustrating friend of yours loathes and behave in exactly that manner or say the same things. Spend time doing those whenever he is in the vicinity and perhaps he will leave you for good.

 Do and say things your unwanted friend dislikes

9. Avoid them at lunch:

Take an early or late lunch but avoid going with them. Continue this practice for a few weeks and I am sure your unwanted friends will seek out others for company and you’ll be rid of them. Make up some excuse of an extra class or anything good you can think of whenever they approach you for lunch and this way you could actually waive them good bye without that awkward on the face evasion.

Avoid them at lunch

8. Pretend to leave citing urgent work:

This pointer is to be used when subtle hints fall flat on your face. So, walk out with your friends on the pretext of some urgent work whenever the unwanted people walk in. Make some sort of a silent code that your close friends recognize and without creating a loud or noisy scene, you could be on your way to anywhere you want sans an irksome burden.

Pretend to leave citing urgent work

7. Talk about an ‘annoying friend’ in front of them:

When in the company of the bothersome friend, ask any of your close friends to talk about an imaginary frustrating buddy and relate, in simple words, as to how annoying that is. If you are lucky, the unwanted friend would take the hint and leave you alone. Agreed that this is a tad over the top, but extreme cases demand extreme measures; don’t they?

Talk about an ‘annoying friend’ in front of your unwanted friend

6. Be unresponsive:

Do not respond to anything an unwanted friend has to say. Pretend to have no interest in their conversations. Do not give them any suggestions or even lend an ear to their blabbers. In short, be the zombie friend. If you are lucky enough, the unwanted people would probably get bored of you and leave you in peace.

 Be unresponsive

5. Hang out with someone the unwanted friend dislikes:

If there is someone that the friend you are trying to get rid of can’t stand, then spend as much time as possible with that person. This way, the pestering friend will maintain a distance from you and perhaps, even end up going off your radar. Do it and hopefully you’ll be free from them once and for all.

Hang out with someone the unwanted friend dislikes

4. Confuse or toy with the annoying person:

Well, if can’t get rid of the annoying friend, then use the art of confusion. Give baffling answers to whatever they ask you. Like, Promise to have lunch with or go for a movie with the unwanted friend, and then intentionally fail in your promise. Perchance the ‘friend’ would be annoyed with you and leave you for good. Play the part of the infuriating and puzzling friend to the last detail and you would be free for life.

Confuse or toy with the annoying person

3. Minimise your time together:

If the unwanted friend is from your office or college, get involved in activities that do not include him or her. For a few days spend as little time as possible with them. In this way, the unwanted friend would seek other companions leading to a change of routine. And, if all works well, you would be let off the hook once that becomes a habit.

Minimise your time together

2. Say ‘No’ clearly:

This is possibly one of the best ways to get rid of that clingy friend who seems to tag along everywhere that you go. Stop answering the calls, texts and emails. Avoid the areas that he or she is most likely to frequent. Still, if you come face to face with them, tell it that you are busy and don’t have the time to hang out. If luck is by your side the message would be taken loud and clear; moreover, you would be free from the excess baggage without the need for confrontation.

Say ‘No’ clearly

1. End the friendship:

An unwanted friend is but a ‘friend’. So, this step should be the last resort and must be avoided as far as possible. If none of the subtle cues work and the person starts to get on your nerves, then this step should be taken for the sake of your sanity. Remember friends should make your life better and if there are some who give you discomfort, then ending the friendship is not at all a price to pay.

End the friendship with your unwanted friend


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