Top 10 Tips To Deal With An Annoying Girlfriend

11:35 am 29 Jul, 2013

She’s never been late, she never nags, or whines, she’s not even irrationally jealous and neither is she over-possessive. Well, Nice Fantasy! Because such girlfriends are as common as unicorns! Bet on anything, if you’ve ever got a perfect girl in all the relationships you’ve had. Admit it or not, but no one has ever got a perfect girlfriend and the imperfections often take their toll on you. Of course you love her, but disguising her annoying habits with her so called ‘cuteness’ is like inviting the bull to attack you. If you don’t learn to deal with it now, you are going to get your fair share of ‘sulking sessions’ very soon. So forgive yourself on hating her for her few annoying habits and follow the tips lined up below.

10. Be Honest:

This is the most basic advice anyone can give. Being truthful for every little thing can be tricky but if she is really the one you want for the rest of your life, tell her. Tell her some of her habits are not acceptable and hurting your relationship. She may not know how irrational and irritating she becomes, but your being honest can desist her from repeating.

Be Honest

9. Compliment Her (even if it’s not required):

It is cute when she shows a little jealousy while you are checking out other women, but it’s annoying when she inquires about some nasty things. To avoid all her annoying nasty questions, complement her in the first glance. Tell her that she’s unbeatably beautiful. She won’t trouble you much after this. For she now knows that every girl you glance at will now be the second best.

Compliment Her

8. Talk about News or Sports:

Women are generally more verbose and are often accused of being downright garrulous. Excuse me if your girl is an exception, but this is a fact. So the next time she tries to take the lead in chatting, start discussing about the recent news you’ve heard or the current football tournament going on in Italy. I bet she’ll not have much to say or do, apart from agreeing with every point you say.

Talk about News or Sports

7. Annoy Her Back:

This tip works magic in any situation. No matter what particular habit of her is annoying you, this trick never fails. If she’s a chronic latecomer or over-possessive or nags a lot, try exactly the same on her. Keep her waiting for long so that she understands the “anger-build up process” while waiting.  Annoying her back would be like telling her to wear your shoes. Follow things now and you’ll love us later.

Annoy Her Back

6. At Times Ignorance Is Certainly A Bliss:

If she is actually draining your energy and taking your peace, nothing can be better than ignoring her. No doubt she’ll get mad, but the annoyance wouldn’t continue for long. Of course this can also have certain unlikely outcomes. For instance, she’ll know that you’re avoiding her and she might find a new way to annoy you. But the time she doesn’t, you can live with peace.

At Times Ignorance Is Certainly A Bliss

5. Talk Less:

Obviously not when you guys are together, but talk less when it’s just the two of you. This straightaway means to throw off all your “Free mobile plans”. Unless you are in a long distance relationship, there is absolutely no need to talk often on phone. The less you talk, the less you’ll get into fights and the less annoyance it will create.

Talk Less

4. Maintain a Breathing Space:

It’s not always important to tell her everything. It’s not about lying; it’s about maintaining your breathing space. This doesn’t mean you can cheat on her and get along. Just pen down the things she hates, and refrain yourself from telling her those things. I repeat it’s not about cheating; it’s about maintaining your space.

Maintain a Breathing Space

3. Help Her in Shopping, Once In A (long) While:

This can be highly challenging, but going shopping with her once in a long while is worth it. And for the rest of the time send her with her friends. She’ll think it’s her space and you’ll escape your share of annoyance.

Help Her in Shopping, Once In A (long) While

2. Learn To Respectfully Disagree With Her:

If she’s becoming over-demanding don’t defy her rudely, but disagree strictly. If she is wise, she’ll respect you more for it. Even on a general note, women don’t like men with a submitting attitude, the wiser they appear, the more they’re loved.

Learn To Respectfully Disagree With Her

1. Let Her Deal On Her Own:

If you’ll solve her problems always she’ll get habitual to it. And the next time you don’t do it perfectly, she’ll complain. So keep it simple from the very beginning. Help her when she needs it, but never become a puppet to everything she demands.

Let Her Deal On Her Own

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