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Top 10 Tips to Deal With a Professor You Don’t Like

Published on 20 February, 2013 at 7:00 am By

Professors are scholarly teachers, and they need to be at the best of the behavior and attitude when they are in a class or on the school/college campus, because students will look up to them and idealize them. A good professor can make the class a worthwhile place, while a bad professor can ruin the class and also the relation with students. While it is easy for students to get along with good professors, there will be professors that students don’t like and can’t get along well. Listed below are top 10 great tips to deal with a professor you may not like.

10. Know your professor:

Making premature assumption about things can be wrong ploy. It is important that you don’t make premature assumption about a particular professor because you have heard all wrong things about him. This frame of mind will only make you dislike a professor, which will never be good for your grades. Experience the professor’s behavior towards students for yourself and only then decide what you think of him/her.

Know your professor

9. Be patient and listen:


Most likely a professor who thinks he/she knows too much and considers students to be inferior and least informed, are ones that are most disliked on the campus. If there is a similar professor on your campus and you have developed a dislike for him/her, then the best way to deal with them is to listen patiently and not react too much. Try and remain calm in the class and make the teacher realize that he is the most learned out there.

Be patient and listen

8. Be a bully with the bully:

You may have developed a particular dislike for one of the professors because he/she intends to be a bully. The professor tries to humiliate and suppress the weaker students in the class and you don’t quite like it. Good take, you don’t have to like it either, because he’s not being a superhuman doing this. You can stand up against him and question his attitude, or you can video record his indifferent attitude and threaten him to show this to parents and the management.

Be a bully with the bully

7. Be a polite reformer:

Most of the times students tend to develop a disliking for a professor because of his/her indifferent teaching style. There are professors who teach very quickly and there are some who are too harsh with their grading. Instead of sitting with a dislike for the professor, you can politely talk to the professor and explain them about problem you are having with his/her teaching style. You can ask the professor to kindly slow the pace of speaking or to help you with tutorials to score better. Most professors with be willing to adjust their teaching styles for students.

Be a polite reformer

6. Be punctual:

I am yet to come across a professor who doesn’t like students to be punctual, and trust me, I know a fair bit of them. You may dislike a professor because of their demand for punctuality but there isn’t a way out to it. Always be punctual to the class and remain in the good books of the teacher. The professor may be harsh when it comes to discipline, but ones you start to know them, they are also very soft within.

Be punctual

5. Be quiet and obey:

Most professors like their class to be quiet and obedient. Professors can be harsh and demanding when it comes to maintaining discipline in the classroom. This can be a reason you are developing a dislike for the professor. But before anything, put yourself in the professor’s shoe and think, how would you want the class to be if you were to walk in and deliver a lecture – you will get the answer to why this isn’t a reason enough to hate him/her.

Be quiet and obey

4. Homework is a must:

No matter how soft and good a professor maybe, he/she will always be very particular about the homework. Most of the students don’t like completing their homework and end up being punished in the class the other day. The routine for days could develop a mutual dislike between the professor and the student for each other. But the professor isn’t wrong here because he/she wants you to deliver the work they give you and there is nothing wrong in it. So, all sincere students must understand that completing homework is really important.

Homework is a must

3. Address the professor with respect:


No matter the profession, everyone is hungry for respect. Everyone wants that he/she is addressed with respect. Thus, even professors demand respect. Irrespective of the rapport you share with the professor, it is important that you address the professor with respect as sir or ma’am. Only if you give respect will you get respect. Who knows, the professor becomes influenced by your sincere behavior and start respecting you in return – breaking that barrier of dislike.

Address the professor with respect

2. Deliver on time and make class fun:

Professors are very particular about the assignments they give you. You may not like the professor because of the amount of assignments they may give you, but you don’t have an alternative. If you can politely chat it out with the professor, good for you, else always try and deliver assignments in time. Professors create a very intense environment in the class if the students don’t deliver, but if students are punctual with their work, they can relive the professor and create a fun and light environment in the classroom.

Deliver on time and make class fun

1. Know the options of changing class:


When you come across a professor you don’t like in the classroom, the first thought that runs through the mind is a temptation to drop that class. This may not be the best option up front; a student can first try the aforementioned ways to try and mend things with professor, but if nothing seems to work, you should be aware of the option of changing the class. There’s no guarantee the next professor you get will be any better – so take your pick wisely.

Know the options of changing class


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