Top 10 Tips to Convince Her For a One Night Stand

Updated on 27 Jun, 2018 at 2:27 pm


Eenie, Meanie, Minie, Moe; catch a tiger by the toe. Surely it takes mettle for a one-night stand but only guts alone do not work. Proper planning, composure and lots of skills are required to catch a “tiger by its toe”. Hilarious it might seem but, friends, it works this way. Here is a list of top 10 tips that could be useful for a one night stand (though, you need to weigh the situation based on your personal experiences, too).

10. Don’t play dumb:

A dumb knows well that he would not find a girl of his dreams in his bed. Therefore, he chooses to abstain from even dreaming. A man with adequate skills, however, shoots the chances in the head when he plays a sheer dumb in order to impress upon the lady. The day is over for such a person even before sun spreads its wings in the blue sky. You should be a daredevil in your approach. You can try and just ask her for a night-out with complete confidence and who knows you might as well hit the jackpot. Always wear your inner-self outside.

Don’t play dumb if you want to convince a girl for a one night stand

9. Learn from the best:

In order to convince a girl for a one-night stand, you need to work hard, really hard. It is not as simple as romancing a girl in a coffee shop and treating her with favorite sandwiches and latte coffee. It requires sheer skills and abilities which could only be learnt from the best man around. You should try to befriend such a master and learn the art, visualize his tricks and approach the girl. You have to present a rose to her at the right time to initiate a conversation. You should try convincing her for a walk to your home or hers. It is always encouraging to have a companion on your side while walking back home alone with a flirty moon showering its cold light on you.

 Learn from the best

8. You are the best:

All the girls in the world, irrespective of their nationality, love these four words much more than the usual “three words”. The easiest way to earn a place in the girl’s heart is by praising her as much possible even if it means demeaning yourself in front of others, provided you are too desperate for the lady. The four words, “You are the Best”, could ring a bell in her heart that would tempt her to walk down the lane into your house. Just try it once; it works, usually.

"You are the best" - Remember this phrase if you want a one night stand

7. Home sweet home:


What is better than having a little chit chat in total privacy away from the crowded world? Most girls adore privacy and it is your chance to cash on the deal. She could not ignore this request from your side even in her wildest of dreams. A slight nod from her means half the task accomplished.

Home sweet home

6. Men need love not the body:

The tip that could convince her within no time is to make her believe you love her soul and not her body. This instills a sense of pride and negates insecurity in her mind. You could express your deep desire to sleep in a cozy bed with her just to feel her body’s warmth. The girl would easily understand your love for her.

Men need love not the body

5. Casanova, me?

You should always stress upon the fact that you are not a playboy, and surely no Casanova. A girl may not want to have a one-night stand with a man who is a serial womanizer. Girls are very emotional creatures (more than you can ever understand). The good news is that they can be easily persuaded into deception. Therefore, be careful and avoid boasting off over the head even if it contradicts your personality.

Casanova, me?

4. Promise is a promise:

Most men are quite bad in keeping their words; a promise today might be forgotten tomorrow. Don’t ever disregard your words if you want to be a winner. A girl gauges a boy on the basis of his truthfulness and respect towards his promise. In case you have tried to be physical with her in the past against her wishes and promised against such behavior in the future then try to live by your words. You should wait for her nod as she would always appreciate your restrain and let you move forward even on a slight insistence from your side.

Remember your promises for a great one night stand

3. Let the love grow this evening:

This is a tried and trusted strategy being applied over the years. You could subtly invite her to your home over dinner. You should romanticize your invitation with a famous punch line “let the love grow this evening”. This would fill her with oomph and both of you could enjoy the dessert with some cozy intimacy.

Let the love grow this evening

2. My parents want to meet you:

There is nothing better than requesting her to meet your parents at home. She would be very excited over the proposal. However, make sure that your parents must be out of town. You must be thinking she would disapprove her stay at your home once she gets familiar with the reality. Calm her down and show your extreme emotions in the form of tears. Tears are a guy’s best savior, too, not just girls.

My parents want to meet you

1. Seduction:


Instead of going all out for the hunt, better be in-charge of your emotions. You should lay out your reasons clearly for your wish to have sex with her. You could add up the famous lines like: “I want to spend some quality time with you, want to explore your eyes, body and kiss you here, here and here.” Emotions can work wonders in this game. One emotion powerful enough to possess her body for 10 minutes is better than a thousand reasons that cannot.

Learn the art of seduction for a great one night stand