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Top 10 Tips to Become a Successful Sales Representative

Published on 13 March, 2013 at 2:00 pm By

What does it take to be a good sales representative? Is it just a degree from a college? Does it need interpersonal skills, and if so, what are those? Being a sales representative entails convincing someone with such eloquence that the latter is forced to swipe his credit card but still walk out with a smile on his face. Let’s find out what makes a successful sales representative. In case you want to become a successful sales representative yourself, the following tips might be of a lot of assistance. Check out the top 10 tips to become a successful sales representative.

10. Learn to love to talk:

You cannot be a successful sales representative if you are an introvert, or someone who dislikes talking. Communication is imperative in this business and, therefore, only those with the knack of communicating and conversing with every client without getting exhausted should hope to thrive in this line of work. So, believe it or not, you need to love to talk to succeed as a sales representative.

Learn to love to talk

9. Meticulousness:


Being in sales is challenging; it is definitely not a cake-walk. It is a job which needs self motivation to work through its daily mayhem and rejections. When the job is to make an unknown person buy your product or convince him to do what your company wants, only a lot of careful planning and hard work can guarantee a success in that. So, be prepared to toil; thriving in this space is harder than it might seem.

Business Presentation

8. Phone calls:

Yes, I agree that getting calls from sales representatives is annoying for most people but it is still the job of a sale person to contact people. Though every call is most likely to get rejected, there will be some who would open up new avenues. So, in spite of this being a mode where a lot of unpleasant encounters might occur, it offers a good chance at customer building.

Phone calls

7. Networking:

In the age where the world is constantly shrinking such that it literally fits right in your hand, networking is an essential part of any business. Use the social network to connect to businesses and people; meet them and demonstrate your product to them. If all goes well and if you have the other necessary traits as a sales representative along with a good product, this is sure to help.


6. Honesty:

Why would a customer come back to you? Or, why would a customer recommend you to his friends and family? The simple answer is if he or she is satisfied with the interactions with you. To ascertain that the customer is satisfied, an essential trait to inculcate is honesty. So, be open about the pros and cons of a product with the client. Bluffing a customer might get you returns initially but it would surely backfire in the long run.


5. Be polite:

Haven’t you often walked out of a store complaining about the awful service offered by the sales staff? Nobody likes a store which is filled with rude, grumpy and bad-mannered staff. The store, or the office, might be the best in town in terms of products but it’s the customer experience that matters. Unless a customer walks out of the store feeling satisfied or walks away smiling after talking to the sales representatives, a massive overhaul becomes the call of the day.

Be polite

4. Ask questions:

When a customer walks in to your store or to your office, asking the right questions would tell you the exact manner to approach him for a sale. Instead of jumping the gun and making assumptions about the consumer or talking about every feature in the book without emphasizing on the latter’s need is not the way to proceed. Hence, the key is always hidden in the answers of the questions you ask the purchaser, provided they are the right questions.

Ask questions

3. Confident:


Trust is an essential aspect when it comes to selling or buying products. Or, to put it in perspective, trust is crucial to businesses around the world. And being confident in your dealings with the customer is one of the key ways to instil faith. A hesitant or insecure demeanour makes the client sceptical of your abilities and, thereby, of your product. A successful sales representative works with such certainty and positivity that he not only earns a customer but an advocate for the product he sells. Hence, be assertive and confident to show that extra spark.


2. Know your product exhaustively:

If you are selling something, then you need to know the ‘in’ and ‘out’ of the product. A confident and knowledgeable salesman is actually hard to say no to. But a sales representative who misses important details of the products, cuts across as one who is not trustworthy and hence landing a deal in such circumstances become difficult. Know your product and be prepared to answer any query the customer might have and you might just become the best sales representative of your company.

Know your product exhaustively

1. Let the customers speak:


One of the most important traits of a sales representative is to make the customer feel that he is indeed being heard. It is imperative to listen to what the customer has to say before barging in with suggestions and a sales pitch. To let the customers speak before jumping in with never ending praises of the product on sale, is perhaps the most crucial trick up the sleeve of a successful sales representative.

Let the customers speak


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