Top 10 Thrilling Kayaking Destinations In India

10:30 am 17 Oct, 2013

Kayaking is an adventure sport that will appeal to water lovers. If you want to race down fast flowing rapids and navigate foamy mountain rivers then kayaking is the sport for you. But kayaking can also be done on lakes and out in the ocean. It can be a great way to explore archipelagos or find secluded beaches along the shore. Kayaking can be done as a solo activity or in a group. Whatever type of kayaking you are interested in, you can find a place to do it in India. Some of these places haven’t become popular as international kayaking destinations so you’d be exploring uncharted waters. Here are the top 10 places in India to go for a thrilling kayaking experience.

10. Brahmaputra River:

Some of the toughest rapids to be found in India are on the Brahmaputra River. There are trips organized that start from Tuting in Arunachal Pradesh. These trips include stopovers and hikes at different places along the route. You can meet grade 4 to 6 rapids on this trip. This one is definitely for the courageous and more adventurous ones and will thrill you to the bone.

Brahmaputra River

9. Beas River:

Beas in Himachal is a popular kayaking and rafting destination for tourists. This river starts from Rohtang Pass and passes through Manali and Kullu. You can get all levels of rapids here. There are tour operators in Manali, Kullu and Aut that provide easy to medium levels of kayaking opportunities. It is a great place to start if you are new to kayaking.

Beas River

8. Rishikesh:

Rishikesh is the most popular destination for kayaking in India. You can get a good mixture of tough and easy rapids. The kayaking experience that starts from Brahmapuri all the way down to Rishikesh will get your adrenalin pumping in short bursts with breaks of calm paddling through the numerous ghats on the Ganges.


7. Kali River:

The Kali River enters India from Nepal where it is known as the Mahakali River. The trip starts from Pithorgarh in Uttarakhand and passes through jungles and natural forests. You can enjoy watching wildlife and plants as you tackle the rapids. You’ll find all grades of rapids here from easy to medium.

Kali River

6. Zanskar River:

Ladakh offers great opportunities for kayaking on the Indus and the Zanskar River. Zanskar is an especially exciting place to kayak because it goes through long stretches of challenging rapids. You also get to see great scenes along the way of the natural beauty of Ladakh.

Zanskar River

5. Teesta River:

Teesta River in Sikkim is an up and coming destination of kayaking in India. It offers something for everyone as the river winds down through the mountains. The Rangit River is another place in Sikkim to try out if you are interested in Kayaking. You can get up to grade 4 rapids here.

Teesta River

4. Tons River:

Tons River in Gharwal, Uttarakhand is considered to be among the most challenging destinations for kayaking in India. You can get rapids of grade 3 to 5 here. Tons forms a part of the 4 rivers in Uttarakhand that are great for rafting and kayaking expeditions.

Tons River

3. Bhagirathi River:

Bhagirathi River is another great place in Uttarakhand to do kayaking. This river flows through gorges and cute little villages to meet the Alaknanda at Devprayag to form the ganga. You can get some exciting grade 4 rapids along the way or just camp out on the sandy beaches.

Bhagirathi River

2. Andaman and Nicobar:

White water kayaking is not the only option in India as you can also do sea kayaking at Andaman and Nicobar. It is a great way to explore the islands and marine life. Tours are operated that will take you kayaking and scuba diving. This one might not be as thrilling as kayaking rapids but it sure is a great way to explore the sea and the islands.

Andaman and Nicobar

1. Kerala Backwaters:

If you’ve had enough of thrill with the above 9 destinations you can always take a relaxing kayaking trip in the backwaters of Kerala. This is a great location in India to kayak as you explore the backwaters and meet the local fishermen. You can hire a houseboat to stay in and explore the area on kayaks during the day.

Kerala Backwaters


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