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Top 10 Things You Should Do In Your 30s

Published on 21 September, 2013 at 6:46 am By

Your 30s are the best years of your life, since you now have the maturity which comes with age, but yet the youth has not totally deserted you. Remember, your 30s is going to be the most amazing decade of your life. Women claim that they feel more confident about themselves, whereas men see themselves as achievers in their 30s. Make the decade memorable by celebrating it to the fullest, having fun and enjoying your friendships, while achieving success along with it.

10. Embrace your maturity and organize your life:

If you are holding on to scraps from your adolescence years and creating clutter around you; this is the time to take the deep breath and get rid of them. Start your life in 30s by being organized. If you feel attached to something, don’t worry, you will not miss it once it is gone. That dress you wore to college is never going to be perfect for you again, if it has not been in your 20s. Accept reality and get rid of things you don’t use anymore.

Embrace your maturity and organize your life

9. Get back on track:


If you have made some wrong decisions, caught up unhealthy habits or made bad friends; pick yourself up and get back on track. Distance yourself from people who only mean trouble and pain in your life. Kick that bad habit with determination, and learn from your wrong decisions if you cannot correct them.

Get back on track

8. Hit the road:

The joy of travelling on the road with nothing to care for must be enjoyed by everyone, at least once in their lifetime. Hit the road and go on a long trip with your family or friends. Get lost in the beauty of nature. Make it a memorable time which will remain etched in your memory forever. It would be great if you can take a road trip once a year through your 30s.

Hit the road

7. Settle with a Style:

It is time to quit experimenting with your styles. Short crops to long hairs, beard to clean shaven, tights to baggies should be stopped in their tracks. Jumping from one style to another was good for your youth; be happy that you tried it all. Picking up a style and settling down with it is not just good for your personality, but works to your best advantage in your work place as well.

Settle with a Style

6. Give back to the society:

Don’t get lost in having fun and building your career, so much that you tend to ignore to lend your helping hand to those in need. Become a volunteer with organizations that work for educating the poor, entertaining the elderly or protecting animals.  Be active member of a social cause that you are passionate about. You will never ever regret being there for someone who needed it the most.

Give back to the society

5. Break the ice:

Have you been shy talking to strangers all your life? Does water scare you? Have you never gathered enough guts to ride a two wheeler? Take a deep breath, dig your heels and do it anyway. If you do not overcome your fears now, then you will never do it. Do not hesitate to try a dish you said you will never touch. May be you will like it after all!

Break the ice

4. Connect with good friends:

Connect with good friends because you will need them in your life. Friends are not meant for just hanging together and having fun, moreover you will need for to lend you support and allow you to be honest with them. There is none better than your best friend to share your fears, anger or secrets with. When the pressures of family and career start bogging you down; friends will be there to lift you up.

Connect with good friends

3. Make good investment:


This is the right time to make wise investment, keeping in mind the future of your family. Buying a house is one of the best investments you can make in your 30s. With proper planning, you can look forward to your retirement when time comes. If you have not got it yet, get your insurance policy now. Pay your debts on time so that you will earn a good reputation with your bank.

Make good investment

2. Give boost to your career:

Finally it is time that you settle down with a career and pursue your professional goals at full throttle. With some experience to back you up, you are now able to analyze your potential and set a point where you want to be at the end of the decade.

Give boost to your career

1. Spend time with your family:


Often people think that this resolution belongs to married people. Wrong! Connect with your parent so that you will not regret when they are no more. Keep in touch with your siblings because they are your pillars of support in troubled times. Send a card or write a letter to your beloved aunt or uncle. And finally off course, give time to your spouse and children. If you are parent, than this is the golden growing age of your children which you would not want to miss.

Spend time with your family


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