Top 10 Things you Love the Most

1:00 pm 20 Feb, 2013


Taking our individualistic natures, there are certain things that appeal to us more than the others. Our preferences for people, places and things will always vary but despite that there are certain things that all of us love to do. Yes, slight variations do exist, but these can be accommodated. Read below about the top 10 things you love the most which perhaps you yourself never noticed.

10. Looking at old family pictures:

The days of hardcopy photo albums may have gone, and yet this does not dissuade us from flipping through old pictures on our laptops, mobiles or iPads. We all keep them safe and enjoy reliving past memories with fondness. So, whether it is our marriage photos, our first child’s photo, our own childhood photos, they always occupy a special place in our hearts.

Looking at old family pictures - Things you Love the Most

9. Music:

Now this one’s undeniably a favorite with all of us. For sad days we have the mellow tunes. For brighter days we have reggae. For heart burns we have the dark rock. For romantic nights we have ballads. The list is just too long. It is hard to find a person who doesn’t has the least interest in music.


8. See others laugh at our jokes:

This is one arena which we all enjoy. Whether we’re one of those talkies or closed mouthed person, we all enjoy when others respond to our talk with laughter or a smile, even for a moment. Some have the talent of intelligent talking, and such people in particular relish when others understand the pun in their words.

See others laugh at our jokes - Things you Love the Most

7. Watching your favorite movies over and over again:


This is one time-pass no one skips. There are movies that are always close to our hearts and no matter how many times we may have watched them, they remain new to us each time we watch them. These movies are never deleted from our laptops or computers; they’re always preserved in hard discs.

Watching your favorite movies over and over again

6. Being the reason for making your loved ones smile:

Seeing your family and friends happy because of us, makes us feel proud of ourselves. Go back a bit; recall how ranking first in class, or winning a debate competition, or a football match had brought smiles on the faces of your parents and friends. Now, if you look around, there are many more such things that you can still do and laugh about.

Being the reason for making your loved ones smile - Things you Love the Most

5. Sitting in the porch enjoying starry nights:

Fascination with stars, with their beauty, always attracts our attention. And, as children, during summer days, we all have had the chance to sleep under a starry night. Gazing at the night sky and marking out constellations is an interesting time-pass, and no one would know if we just fooled around with ourselves in vain.

Sitting in the porch enjoying starry nights

4.  Writing your heart out:

Writing is not an easy thing for everyone. There are many who dislike writing, but it certainly gives the chance to spill our innermost feelings, turmoil, and every other emotion. It is because of this reason there has been a huge growth in the number of bloggers and many are getting hooked to it daily.

Writing your heart out - Things you Love the Most

3. Laughing so hard you cry:

Laughing to the point of tears is a moment worth cherishing. For one, this will only happen when we completely loose grip over ourselves, and become absolutely free in spirit. Reminiscing about stupid jokes cracked by friends, insane dances, crazy activities, that made us laugh wild always makes us happy.

Laughing so hard you cry

2. Reading quotes you love:

Even when you are not an avid reader, you can still enjoy reading quotes. They are short, sharp and subtle. In fact most of us have a collection of our favorite quotes, which can be read over and over again. They apply to us, uplift us, motivate us, inspire us, and give us strength.

Reading quotes you love - Things you Love the Most

1. Eating your favorite food, and drinking your favorite wine:


Ok, the wine can be replaced with some other liquid, but your favorite food has no replacement. For most of us it is homemade food, cooked by our moms. It always stays the closest to our hearts, and we’d always prefer it over any exotic delicacy.

Eating your favorite food, and drinking your favorite wine

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