Top 10 Things Women Hate to The Core

12:00 pm 6 Mar, 2013


It is an established fact that of the two sexes, women are more complex, fussier, more jealous, more unpredictable and even more sensitive. Whoever said “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” spoke the truth; they are far apart from each-other, not only in physical context but in emotions, too. When women say a “Yes”, it might mean a strict “No” and vice-versa. They are fatally complicated yet mysterious, which appeals men. Opposites attract, don’t they? Anyways, let’s do a crash PhD in the female-psychology and find out what their turn-offs are? Here is our list of top 10 things women hate to the core.

10. Unhygienic person:

Generally women love to keep them and the surroundings neat and clean. Naturally, they expect the same from the other person. An unhygienic person could become one of the prime causes for marital or live-in discord. Men, on the other hand, find it troublesome in their democratic lifestyle which has no boundaries or restrictions.

Unhygienic person - Things Women Hate to The Core

9. Dominant or Possessive Partner:

Most women desire for men who’ll protect them and safeguard their interests but there is a thin line in-between. They don’t want to lose their independence either. If they are confronted by a dictatorial or an over-possessive boyfriend, who wants every detail of her whereabouts on his check-list, they would hate the relationship to the core. The controlling nature of a man can be pretty scary for women and they would seriously never get into a relationship with such a person.

Dominant or Possessive Partner

8. Non-committal partner:

It is definitely for men in serious relationships to understand that after a certain period in it, women tend to weave dreams of her man committed only to her. And, for that to happen, she wants a healthy assurance from her man. If she doesn’t get that serious affirmation, her self-esteem becomes low which would make her keep a safe distance from that commitment phobic.

Non-committal partner - Things Women Hate to The Core

7. Unromantic boyfriend:


Women cherish the idea of romance and they desire to be emotionally connected to the person they love. As females are incurably romantic, they want constant attention from their men. If they feel the partner is only interested in their physical appearance and not the intrinsic beauty, they reject the not-so-decent proposal.

Unromantic boyfriend

6. Unkempt men:

Though looks are not everything, women generally don’t appreciate – and never get attracted to –shabby men, which mean men with bad odor, unkempt fingernails, unshaven face or wrinkled clothes. If men leave the appealing factor, it would only add to a woman’s fury.

Unkempt Man - Things Women Hate to The Core

5. Predictable men:

Women definitely hate predictable guys. Just as the old adage goes, “Familiarity breeds contempt”, women expect their partners to be full of surprises, just so there is never a dull moment between them. It’s for this reason alone that many women are attracted towards men who are untamed or spontaneous in nature.

Predictable men

4. Constant arguments:

Women hate communicating with someone who has a habit of turning every conversation into an argument. There is a thin line between a healthy debate, and a full-blown, world-war style, argument filled with hostility. For the majority of women, people who make them feel defensive or self-conscious don’t appeal to their senses.

Constant arguments - Things Women Hate to The Core

3. The other woman:

Women hate the playful nature of men. Though guys find it completely alright to stare or glance at other women around them, even in their partners’ presence, their frivolous behavior make women insecure. Rather than hating her own man, and demanding an explanation, she starts a repulsive attitude towards other women, to safeguard her man. That’s another form of hate.

The other woman

2. Sports-lover boyfriend:

Most of the women are not ardent lovers of sports. Unless it’s not any extraordinary event, seldom have they tuned into watching some sports program. Being much aware of her self-worth and attention-seeking nature, a woman becomes erratic and hates the moment when her boyfriend is watching on-the-edge sports and not giving her the due attention.

Sports-lover boyfriend - Things Women Hate to The Core

1. The Mama’s boy:


Men who have a good relationship with their mothers tend to be more understanding and courteous toward women; females know that. But a man who talks a little too much about his mother is alarming for his woman, and he’s tagged as “Mama’s Boy”. If a woman shares a man’s life, she perhaps won’t settle to play second-fiddle in his life. Women dislike hearing that they can’t cook or do meticulous things as good as their lover’s mother does.

The Mama’s boy

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