Top 10 Things Which We Love To Do But Always Regret

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 4:11 pm


“Your regrets aren’t what you did, but what you didn’t do. So I take every opportunity.” This quote, given by Cameron Diaz, talks a lot about regrets that people suffer with just for hesitating to perform at the moment of truth. It’s good that she takes every opportunity, but all are not same as her. A markedly large number of people regret about one thing or the other which they wanted to do, but weren’t able to do. Some of them are:-

10. Exacerbating instead of ameliorating:

We generally worsen the issue by giving our ego a chance to play havoc with relationships by not apologizing for our mistakes and expecting the other person to apologize. This is the most common thing which we love to do in order to save the kinship with another person, but we don’t have courage to do. And then finally, instead of ameliorating the conflicting situation, we worsen it.

Exacerbating instead of ameliorating

9. Failing to court someone whom you love:

India is a traditional nation where people can kill even if there is a slight aberration from what’s written in their religion. Sometimes it’s pressure from the parents’ side also. An Indian young man is always in a muddle when it comes to choosing his life partner. He is literally compelled to work out strategies to court someone and still has slight chances of success. After some time, he starts regretting that had he courted the Denizen of his heart earlier, then he would have been living a happier life.

Failing to court someone whom you love

8. Not living the teenage life to the fullest:

Life is a race and it starts when you are born. You have to learn how to walk earlier and faster than others, you have to excel in whatever subject you study and sports, oh my god, you should know the nitty-gritty of sports as well. Peer pressure, Parents pressure and Employment pressure keep on mounting and by the time a student reaches to the top of the stack, it gains height. So, he loses his teenage life and keeps on cursing his parents for pressurizing him until he himself becomes a parent.

Not living the teenage life to the fullest

7. Losing confidence and thereby, opportunity:

“I missed an opportunity because I thought I won’t be able to make it.” This type of attitude ruins the life of the person mercilessly because if you’ve failed, then you’ll be only disappointed; but if you have not even tried, then you are doomed completely. You are at least recognized in the former case, but nobody would ever come to know that you possess any kind of flair in the latter case. The regret of losing an opportunity due to inaction pains a lot.

Losing confidence and thereby, opportunity

6. Deadlines making people emotionally dead:


With development comes greater polarization. The number of cacogens in our society are increasing at an alarming rate. Thanks to the demanding challenges with asphyxiating deadlines that are being given to the people of working class nowadays due to which people go to their respective homes only for sleeping. They want to spend some time with their family, but finally land up with the loss of hope. This is the biggest regret these people face.

Deadlines making people emotionally dead

5. Elation of anger:

At times, we do not stand up against any act intended to bully us. Though, we feel angry, but try to conceal the same by not reacting there and then. Afterwards, we regret and get frustrated. It’s not only because we didn’t react, but also because elation of anger has become our habit after the incident.

Elation of anger

4. Regret for living somebody’s life:

“I don’t like your dressing style.”, “Come on bro, grow up. Your choice of books is awful. ” or “What you’re dreaming now, can’t happen because you don’t live in reality.” Such remarks by our peers and parents don’t let us do what we always dreamt of. This regret haunts us throughout our life as we always amended our ways to live life according to others.

Regret for living somebody’s life

3. I see you in the ICU:

If you aren’t able to find humor in life, then this implies that you are serious and there is only one place on this earth for serious people, i.e. ICU. You need to evolve a little bit and stop worrying about the past happenings. People often regret for the regrets of the past life. For eg. – “Why did I regret when he poked fun at me? It wasn’t too embarrassing indeed. I wonder if I were like a flamboyant person during my college days.” Ergo, by thinking like this, they form a vicious cycle of regrets and aren’t able to come out of it.

I see you in the ICU

2. I don’t care:

Very often it happens that people whom you think is a pipsqueak and whom you don’t care about, turns out to be an important person. This embarrasses a lot when you get late in recognizing his importance in your life, be it as a friend, relative, siblings, spouse or even parents. Unfortunately, “regret” is the only option left for you.

I don’t care

1. I’m not a good father/mother:

“Whether you are a good parent or not” is assessed by the manner in which their child behaves. In cosmopolitan areas, people aren’t able to focus more on their child which is reflected when he is brought up. The culture or tradition which a child grasps in association with his parents is immortal and incomparable. But, a typical child brought up in the metropolis becomes a robot as and when he starts spreading his wings in the realm of his career. Later on, the regret of making a child ‘robot’ becomes incomparable indeed.

I’m not a good father mother