Top 10 Things to Remember While Dating a Highly Intelligent Boy

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A highly intelligent boy is no less than a paradox. He is different from an average guy who probably knows a hundred things about pleasing women. If you really want to take things to the next level, you’ve to be careful when dating him. That’s important because intelligent boys usually have a very low success rate when it comes dating and women. Listed below are the top 10 things you should remember when dating a highly intelligent boy:

10. Do not compete; it’s not a race:

Average boys give up often, especially when they’re debating something with a girl. That’s in their blood. However, an intelligent boy can be somewhat over-competitive. You two may go on arguing on pointless topics for hours until ‘you’ willingly concede at some point. Should a situation like this arise, you know what to do!

Do not compete; it’s not a race

9. Don’t expect him to have too many manual skills; he’s got more brains and less brawns:

An intelligent boy has probably worked on his mind for years. He might have read tonnes of books, written hundreds of articles or created something unique and special from his imagination. Scope of thinking among such boys is huge but they’re hardly skilled when it comes to things like replacing the car tire or fixing a dishwasher. Therefore, if he performs worse than an average boy when it comes to physical strength – just chill and focus on the positives.

Brain of an intelligent man

8. Let him know if he bores you with an expert-talk; be polite though:

An intelligent boy is good at one subject or the other. It’s possible that the boy you intend to date in near future is an expert on football, history, politics, science, architecture or coding. It’s quite possible that he’ll kick-start the conversation by talking about things that interest him the most. If you feel bored with his expert-talk, just let him know. He is intelligent, remember? So, he’ll improvise and try discussing something your interest. Don’t just judge him silently.

Let him know if he bores you with an expert-talk; be polite though

7. Watch out for snobbery; don’t be over-cautious:


If you both are in the same profession, he might have a tendency to prove himself superior to you. You need to carefully watch out for snobbery but at the same time, avoid provocative discussions, especially controversial topics related to the field of knowledge or profession you two belong to. Since you’re hoping to nurture a serious relationship with this guy, it is a good idea to first allow the understanding to develop but at the same time have zero tolerance for obvious snobbery.

Watch out for snobbery; don’t be over-cautious

6. He can be arrogant at times; let go:

An intelligent guy can sound arrogant at times even if he didn’t intend to do so. Such a behavior is not very common but yes, it can be abrupt. It usually happens because they’re not manipulative like others and let go of their emotions or thoughts; on the spot.

He can be arrogant at times; let go

5. Intelligent boys too can be stupid; excuse him:

Intelligent people are not perfect at everything. It’s possible that he’ll pass on an unpleasant remark, narrate a boring story or bitch about someone you admire. Excuse him and change the subject. He’d probably want to do the same but a feeling of guilt usually overpowers intelligent people right after they’ve done something they know they shouldn’t have. He needs your help – help him, and help yourself.

Intelligent boys too can be stupid; excuse him

4. Be yourself:

You must not try to change yourself to make yourself fit for him. If you do, he’ll know! If he didn’t like you the way you are, he wouldn’t be dating you in the first place. Do everything you can to look beautiful and avoid spilling nonsense that generally goes down perfectly well with average guy but do NOT try to be someone you are not.

Be yourself

3. Avoid logical conversations; they won’t get you anywhere:

Smart and intelligent guys are really good when it comes to logical conversations. They can pass on perfect arguments and supply huge chunks of information. However, these conversations are not going to help you take a relationship to the next level. If you have just begun dating him, it is a good idea to choose random conversations. This way, both of you can explore each other better.

Avoid logical conversations; they won’t get you anywhere

2. Intelligence doesn’t imply great social skills; be ready to make up for that:

It is possible that the guy you’re dating has poor social skills. He may not have many Facebook friends or he may not entertain every one of your friends in a party. He usually opens up only after knowing someone really well. Do not give up on him before that.

Intelligence doesn't imply great social skills; be ready to make up for that

1. Help him overcome his self-defeating Nature; he likes to be right:


It seems quite unnatural but it is actually true. Most intelligent boys fail to impress girls simply because of their self-defeating nature. It happens mostly due to the reason that they like being right and do not learn how to please girls or how to make them smile even after failing repeatedly. He’ll either assume the girl was not meant for him or that he is not cut for a relationship. In either case, if you two really are into each other, make it a point to take the first step and set things right.

Help him overcome his self-defeating Nature; he likes to be right

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