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Top 10 Things to do While Visiting Your Childhood School

Updated on 7 July, 2016 at 5:26 pm By

A visit to the childhood school where you have spent the best years of your life, learning and growing up, can be a poignant thing, often filled with nostalgia. The memories from school are the best memories that you carry forward in life, no matter where you go. Those friends you made, those games you played, the jokes you cracked and the teachers you had, will probably live in your memory forever. So, if you plan to take a trip back to your childhood school, we’d like to list down top 10 things you must to do to make it a memorable one.

10. Ask your school friends to join you:

When you plan to pay your childhood school a visit, the first thing you can do is, pack your bag and get going. But it’s going to be a nostalgic trip, so you must plan to make it as memorable as it can get. Call around some of your childhood friends from school and ask if they are free to accompany you. Persuade them to join you by reminding them of the fun you all in school.

Ask your school friends to join you

9. Schedule your visit:


Time has changed, and so would have things in school. It is very important, therefore, that you take prior permission from the principle in-charge to know when would be the best time for you to visit. You also have to plan your schedule to visit the school because the students and teachers can be busy with some activity in school, and if you just barge in without permission, you may not be welcomed.

Schedule your visit

8. Make it to the assembly:

Assembly time was probably one of the best times I had in school. You had the entire school gathered at one place. Considering the same, I think when you plan a visit to you childhood school, you should make it a point to attend the assembly, see how things have changed and compare it with your good old days. Assembly will also be your best chance to see the entire school strength.

Make it to the assembly

7. Visit the places you did in school:

Once you walk into the premises of the school, all the memories and all the things that you did will come back to life. You will remember all the little and big things that you did and where you did them. Thus it is important that you visit every nook and corner of the school, some would have changed, some would be the same, but that happiness (as you remember the thing you did) will be out of this world.

Visit the places you did in school

6. Meet the teachers:

You probably are what your teachers wanted you to be. Teachers are every student’s first role model. So when you visit your childhood school, you must make it a point to pay a visit to your first role model. Visit every teacher who taught you – if they are still there – whether you liked them or not. Just observe how happy they will be to see you. There is nothing more heartening for a teacher than to see their old students.

Meet the teachers

5. Take a walk to the classroom:

The most of your good times in school must have been in the class. It is important, thus, that you make it a point to visit you classrooms. A visit to the classrooms will show you the many things that might have changed including the way of teaching. And, who knows, you may find your old desk with your name engraved on it still there in the class. You don’t want me to tell you how you will feel then.

Take a walk to the classroom

4. Learn about the changes since you were there:

It’s been a while that you have been in school now. Now that times have changed, even routine and other things in school must have changed. You can visit the school museum and/or the library and sit there and discuss all the changes that have take place in school since you left with current students, your pals or teachers.

Learn about the changes since you were there

3. Become part of the routine:


There is nothing better than visiting your childhood school and becoming a kid once again. You can become a part of the school routine for a while. You can take permission and sit in the class for some time. You can join the students for lunch or a snack and you can kick some ball with them in the field. All this will bring your good old days back to you yet again.

Become part of the routine

2. Share experience with students:

I personally think that there isn’t anything better than bragging about yourself, your time etc. Young kids love listening to tales about their seniors who went to their school before them. Kids love to know about their school in older times and then compare it with how it is now. So, seize the opportunity and unleash the bragger in you. Share your experience of school, tell kids about the naughty things you did, and how strict teachers were with you back then etc.

Share experience with students

1. Bid a farewell:


It is easier to say hello than to say goodbye but you will have to leave. So, while you bid farewell to the school that has made you what you are, it is also important that you bid adieu to the teachers and students. By this gesture you will win a few hearts that will remember you for long. Don’t forget to thank the principle who gave you the permission to be a part of a wonderful day you’ve had in your childhood school.

Bid a farewell

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