Top 10 Things To Do Online When You Know Your Ex Is Watching

12:36 pm 9 Aug, 2013

Humans are driven by emotions more than anything else. When it comes to love, the feelings are stronger than ever. When a relationship is over, what remains are memories whether good or bad. The fact remains that you end up spending a lot of time contemplating the pros and cons of the relationship that once existed. In the age of Facebook, having connections to your ex even after break up is not unnatural. But how should one act when his or her ex is online? Read below to find out.

10. Check-in at some place cool:

These days it’s a trend to check in wherever you go. When you know your ex is watching make sure you check-in at some of your towns best hangout places. You don’t even have to actually be there, just be in the vicinity and check-in! Make sure your updates let you ex know how good you are doing and how happening your life is!

Check-in at some place cool

9. Casually chat with them:

You could have great memories together. If you are strong enough to continue as friends and if the break-up was not laden with bitter memories, it’s a good idea to keep up a polite relationship. So chat and exchange pleasantries. It couldn’t be that bad, but then it certainly depends on the sort of baggage your relationship generated.

Casually chat with them

8. Block them:

After updating your status or posting numerous pictures which would surely go as notifications to your ex, go-ahead and block them. Yes, that way he or she would come to know that they no longer are a part of your life when they try to view those pictures.So block them and get over them once and for all. If they are online at that very instant, it’s even better!

Block them

7. Put up a stunning profile picture:

What better way to make your ex eat his or her heart out, then making them realize what they missed out on? So take a beautiful picture of yours, where you are looking your absolute best and upload it. There’s no way your ex wouldn’t sigh at the thought of not being with you. Go ahead and upload a striking profile picture!

Put up a stunning profile picture

6. Upload a song:

Upload a song that has got to do with what you are feeling after the break up. Something like Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson could be one of the songs you could upload stating how much you are in love with the song! You might feel bitter but you wouldn’t want to give them the pleasure to feel superior, would you? So go upload a song!

Upload a song

5. Update your relationship status:

When it comes to exes it’s often a battle of who does better in life without the other. So what better way to score ahead than update your relationship status on social networking sites when the other is watching. So what are you waiting for? Update your relationship status to ‘in a relationship’! Well, you don’t have to be in one to update the same; just a harmless game is all that it would be!

Update your relationship status

4. Ping them accidentally:

Whether it is on Facebook or Gtalk, you could ping your ex with a completely irrelevant message. It could be something in the guise of you typing something to your boss or sister or friend! The trick is to see how they react. Yes as silly as it sounds it’s one of the funniest things to do when you know your ex is online. It could be because you are missing them or you just want to see if you can still be civil towards them. And more often than not people resort to this.

Ping them accidentally

3. Status updates:

In this day and age of Facebook, a status update is the best way to let your friends and those on your friend’s list know what you feel or think. So if you know that your ex is online and if he or she is still on your list, then why not update a suitable status. It could be anything from sarcastic remark that they would surely decipher or could just be an update showing how well off you could be. Bottom line here is a status up is one of the best ways to convey any message loud and clear to your ex!

Status updates

2. Upload lots of pictures:

What better way to give your ex a glimpse of your wonderful lives without them than your pictures? Pictures often speak a million words. You could tell them that you are better off in every manner without them. Infact, you could tell them what they missed out on through pictures. So take those photographs of yours where you are enjoying with friends or are looking extremely happy partying and upload them on your social network profile. There’s hardly the possibility that they would miss looking at them.

Upload lots of pictures

1. Ignore them:

Yes, the past is the past. Life is about moving on in life. Looking back is never a good option. So even if your ex is online, just ignore him or her. While innocent games are harmless and there’s nothing bad in doing any of the above listed things, but the best thing to do would be to just ignore them. Get on with your life. Whether your ex is watching or not, your actions should not depend on them.

Ignore them

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