Top 10 Things To Do on the Computer with No Internet

2:00 pm 1 Mar, 2013


It’s natural to think that all the fun on the computer depends on internet connectivity. The worlds of social networking, online gaming, shopping, blogging, and everything else run only if there is an internet connection. But, what happens if there is no internet or it is suddenly not available? It’s like we’re stranded in a time capsule, where everything is boring and stagnant. This picture can actually be swapped. There are plenty of fun and useful things to do even when the internet is not working or not there. Play your favorite music list in the background, and do any of the following to pass some good moments on the computer with no internet.

10. Play Solitaire:

One thing that still remains years after the evolution of computers, and windows, is Solitaire. It’s an over the top easy but engaging and addictive game that can be played at anytime you are getting bored. It keeps the mind active for a long time, and you don’t need any other companion when you have this game with you. Moreover, it comes pre-installed with Windows, so you don’t need the internet to download it.

Play Solitaire - Things To Do on the Computer with No Internet

9. Clean up your desktop:

It often happens that while we’re working on the computer, we create a mess of things, placing various files randomly anywhere on the computer. So, on a day when the internet is not working, the best way to spend time would be to clean the contents of your computer. You can manually arrange some files in specific folders and locations. Defragment your files, run a complete scan and cleanup program on the computer. This will increase the speed of your computer the next time you login.

Clean up your desktop - Things To Do on the Computer with No Internet

8. Organize your bookmarks:

Most people are habitual of bookmarking the websites they use the most or like the most. The list sometimes becomes too long to manage. There could be certain bookmarks that might not have been opened since they were marked, and there could also be those which no longer hold relevance. So, open your browsers, scroll down through all such bookmarks, and revise your list for future use.

Organize your bookmarks - Things To Do on the Computer with No Internet

7. Plan ahead and create a schedule:


When we have the internet, we are very busy; when we don’t, we are not. One good way to utilize this time is to create your own daily schedules. While online resources like Google Calendar are good for planning, you can actually create your own schedule planner and calendar by using Photoshop. Prepare a chart for all that you wish to do in the coming one week, or even month. Mark your work hours, leisure time, and family time and set reminders for all these.

Plan ahead and create a schedule - Things To Do on the Computer with No Internet

6. Defragment your hard drive:

We’ve often heard computer experts tell us that defragmenting the hard disk is important. To us most files, whether music, word documents, pdf, or others, might appear to be a single entity, to the Windows they are all different. In other words, every file for the Windows is made up of fragments that it collects from all over the computer when you access it. But, when files are regularly deleted from a location, and replaced with new files, some fragments are left behind. To organize these fragments in order, without utilizing extra space, can be done with the help of defragmentation of the hard disk.

Defragment your hard drive - Things To Do on the Computer with No Internet

5. Perform a full system scan:

In order to protect your computer from viruses, malware, worms, Trojans and other malicious software, it is essential that your regularly perform a full system scan with the help of a good quality anti-virus. If you’ve not performed a full scan for a long time, the anti-virus will prompt you in the system status menu to perform the important task. And, the day when the internet is not working is probably the best time to run the scan.

Perform a full system scan

4. Use a Photo Editing Program:

For this you can use a simple paint program, or other more specific programs to create some of the most silly, crazy or likable images. With these programs you can make just about anything. Take pictures of your friends and family, and give them twists and turns with colors, effects and even text. There are endless possibilities on how you can play around with images. You can also create an array of customized wallpapers for your desktop.

Use a Photo Editing Program - Things To Do on the Computer with No Internet

3. Make a digital record for all the logins and passwords:

For all that you do on the internet, including blogging, shopping, e-mailing, internet banking, and more, you need to have logins and passwords. This information is essential to remember. It may be the key to your business. Forgetting it could be a big loss besides the wastage of time that goes in recovering them. So, on a day when the internet is not working, create a digital copy for all your logins and passwords, and keep it handy on the computer for later use.

Make a digital record for all the logins and passwords - Things To Do on the Computer with No Internet

2. Organize files on the hard drive:

One of the best ways to pass your time and do something useful with the computer in the absence of the internet is to organize different files. There are plenty of categories of files stored in a hard drive, including music files, videos, work related documents, e-books and magazines, photographs, and others. Arrange them systematically in different drives according to use, and see the difference the next time you want to locate them.

Organize files on the hard drive - Things To Do on the Computer with No Internet

1. Write blog post/s:


With blogging becoming the new cool thing for most of us, the perfect time to really write an original post is when there is no internet. Take your imagination to the hilt, make a list of new, out of the box topics, and start writing on the one that you like the most. Read the posts you write over and over again to make them the best. You can also play around with the format of the document you’ve created. Experiment with new fonts, and styles and make writing even more fun.

Blog notes on Laptop - Things To Do on the Computer with No Internet

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