Top 10 Things to do After Finding ‘The One’

10:00 am 5 Mar, 2013


If you believe that there is someone out there how has been specifically born just for you, then you must be on an endless hunting finding the one. If you have already found that “one” there are certain things that you need to take care of so that you can have the best time of your life with that person and can live the dream that you’ve always seen. Listed below are top 10 things to do after finding “the one”

10. Be concerned and caring:

The most important thing in a relationship is concern and care for the other person. When you have found “the one” – your love of life, you want him/her to happy with you. The best way to keep the associated person happy and willing to be in a relationship with you is to care for the person and be concerned about how they feel or wish to be treated.

Be concerned and caring

9. Share:

Sharing is caring; you must have often heard that told. Sharing in a relationship isn’t only about sharing what you eat or ware, but it is also about sharing how you feel or how you think about the future. It is very important to talk, and talk freely and true in a relationship. A relationship with secrets cannot have a long life.


8. Never lie:

Being true to yourself and to the person associated with you is the primary rule of a relationship. You cannot be lying about things in a relationship because the day you are caught lying that will be the last day of the relationship. When you have found the love of your life, you want to be with that person forever and being true and not lying about things is a first real step in the direction of fulfilling your dream.

Never lie

7. Never think you’re superior:


No two people are the same in nature or ability, therefore that last thing you’d wanted think of in a relationship would be to think highly of yourself. Everyone wants a confident person in life, but there’ll hardly be a person who’d want a haughty and arrogant person in life who thinks to highly of himself and looks down upon his/her partner.

Never think you’re superior

6. Don’t be suspicious:

A person in relationship with you has only given his heart to you, he/she has not surrendered their life to you. So, never try and be authoritative in every decision of your partner, or try and be suspicious about what they do or where they go. Being suspicious only makes matters worse in a relationship. Trust is the key, so learn how to trust your partner.

Don’t be suspicious

5. Respect each other’s identity and freedom:

In a relationship or not, like you, even the person associated with you wants to have an identity of their own. Like you even the other person wants to enjoy the freedom of being him or herself. So, it is important to give your partner enough space in a relationship and try and be concerned but not poky – there is a thin line of difference here, but the difference is worth understanding and implementing.

Respect each other’s identity and freedom

4. Work hard:

Now that you have found the person you’d wish to spend the rest of the life, you have an additional responsibility on your shoulder. Love is very important, but you cannot live your life with love alone. Therefore, don’t stop working hard, your partner will respect your decision to work hard. This will also make every minute you spend together very important and special for both.

Work hard

3. Find time for each other:

Working hard and being busy doesn’t give you the license to start neglecting the person associated with you. Ignorance is the last thing that anyone wants from a relationship. It is therefore important to plan and schedule your work hours properly so that you have ample quality time to spend with the love of your life.

Find time for each other

2. Don’t be judgmental:

Be decisive but never be judgmental in a relationship. It is important to take decisions and at times it may mean taking decisions for both of you. So it is important to be positive all the time and not be judging the partner negatively about small, little things. Don’t try and judge the nature of your partner, in doing so you will only waste the good time you can have with each other.

Don’t be judgmental

1. Lose yourself:


Love means purity, an endless felling that you can do anything for. And once you have found the one – the love of your life, this feeling of selflessness will sink into you. This is the moment to relish, if you trust your partner, then don’t fret from losing yourself in love (wisely though).  Love is a feeling that will grow stronger with each passing moment so be ready and allows the feeling to sink in.

Lose yourself

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