Top 10 things to avoid on your first date

Updated on 9 May, 2012 at 9:51 am


First dates are always hard to call and more often than not most relationships are decided upon by many such trivial firsts. The first date is one of the most important occasions in an early relationship. It is very important that the right signals are sent out and in the right amount. Doing too little or too much on a first date can also be harmful to the relationship. The general convention is to play it safe for most first dates, this is understandable and a good strategy if you are unsure of what you want to do. It is important to have a plan but not having a plan may also help at times.  TopYaps lists ten things that you should avoid on your first date to take off a long journey ahead.

10. Don’t take any messages or calls:

Try and be as attentive as you can, don’t let anything  interrupt your time with the other person. Switch off your phone if you get a lot of calls. Don’t get busy with your messages too, it is best to leave all that for later and be there in the moment. It is important that you are there as much as the other person is at all times.

9. Avoid bringing up controversial topics:

During conversation it is also important that you are   careful. Don’t   bring up religion or politics during a first date; they are suicide topics that have killed many a first date. Do not bring up topics and be judgemental on them. It is a turnoff for both men and women at the same time. In case the other person brings it up be sure to keep conversation simple and get to know as much as you can about the other person.

8. Never bring up past relationships:

Although past relationships turn up in every relationship at some point of time or another, it is napalm for a first date. Do not bring up anything that talk about your ex or anything that has to do with the other person’s. If you are asked a question keep it short and simple. It is common to talk about your ex, just not with your partner on a first date.


7. Don’t hog the conversation:

Some people are more talkative than other people, this is a well-established fact. It is okay to be conversational but do not start rambling on endlessly about anything no matter how passionate you are about the subject in question. Do not take up all the conversation time as it comes off as a bad thing in ways more than one.

6. Don’t drink too much:

A drink or two to loosen things up a little is okay but be sure not get yourself drunk. Most people make the mistake of downing a drink too many just so they can settle their nerves and instead end up saying stupid things after they get drunk or not saying anything at all. Alcohol is a social catalyst but can also be explosive and detrimental to a relationship’s future progress.

5. Don’t forget to dress up:

While some people may find it a little difficult to put on a mask and go to a date, it is important that you do take the effort. The effort will certainly be worthwhile as it is important that you look good. Don’t overdo it at the same time and wear something that is not too flashy unless you are going to meet a date at a club.

4. Don’t be too early or too late:

It’s understandable if you make the other person wait for a couple of minutes, but don’t show up half an hour late. Don’t turn up too early too as you may come off as over eager which can be a bad thing. Remember to inform your date if you are getting delayed before things get bad.

3. Don’t forget to have a plan:

While some people work well without one, it is very important for some people to have a plan before they go into a date. You can plan out small surprises if you want too but again don’t forget the moderation rule. It is important that you don’t over plan things too as it can also easily lead to a disaster. You can plan out simple things like conversation starters for a first date and those should be more than adequate. Be sure to talk about things from similar territory and choose a place that you and your date are familiar with.

2. Don’t look at other people:

Don’t ever be caught looking at another person on a date, especially if the person is from the opposite sex. It can be a very bad thing if a man is caught checking out another woman on a date or vice versa. Even if you do check out a person from the opposite sex, make sure that you don’t get caught. Keep your attention focused on your date as much as you can afford to.


1. Don’t forget to listen:

This may sound stupid but there are many reasons as to why a person can forget to listen. Too much planning and anxiety as to what is going to happen on your date can also lead to you not being able to concentrate. Keep your mind focused on your date and listen to what the other person says or tries to say.