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Top 10 Things That Hipsters Know But You Don’t

Published on 7 March, 2013 at 12:00 pm By

We all love to be cool! And in the recent culture we must have noticed that the definition of cool has changed for everyone. Everyone has a different interpretation of the word cool and we live by our own definitions. Lately much has been made of the whole ‘hipster’ fad, which was a definition of cool sometime back. Hipsters (if I may call the fickle and lazy so), have a different approach to culture and word cool. Here are listed below top 10 things that hipsters know but you don’t.

10. Don’t follow the trends:

Hipsters are normally out of the league, they don’t believe in following the trend, as we cool-sters do for them – underground is awesome. They believe in setting their own trends then weather it about wearing skinny pair of jeans or dressing up in local brand clothing. Perhaps, following a trend is become just another person for them – if true maybe we can imbibe too.

 Don’t follow the trends

9. Do what you love:


How many of us so called cool dudes are fortunate enough to do what we like doing? A simple answer – not many! Fortune favors the brave, and hipsters are brave. They spend their lives doing simply what they like doing. The simple motto of ‘do it well and get paid for it’ prevails amid them.

Do what you love

8. Hell with blind consumerism:

Fashion is as important as music hipster would say. A reason like retro music, his choice of clothing comes from rare vintage stores and local mixed fashion stores in the locality. Hipsters don’t give into the mad, blind consumerism that has made us cool dudes so dependent. We have become accustomed to wearing labeled clothing out of a label store, while a hipster take heart from pulling out a dress from granny’s closet.

Hell with blind consumerism

7. Casual is great too:

Hipsters have a very casual approach towards what they ware and how they look. Something that’s low profile for us maybe a prized possession for a hipster. Hipster may go out weeks in the same pair of skinny jeans with his/her lazy attitude and casual approach as – expensive make-ups or hairstyles aren’t always the way to be.

Casual is great too

6. It is not in the looks alone:

A simple hipster belief is a world beyond looks and perceptions. Something that we are so tightly clogged in. For a hipster it’s more about what’s in the head that it’s about how he looks. Hipsters may wear flashy clothing, but it’s more to appeal to the mood and liking in contrast to how they look in it.

It is not in the looks alone

5. The word anti-cultural is misnomer:

Hipsters know and understand the fact that culture makes consistent progress, and this is the simple reason that they celebrate this fact. The actions as a result make them look fickle and lazy, yet their approach to culture is more dramatic and better than most of us.

The word anti-cultural is misnomer

4. I’m a hipster:

You would socially discard hipsters with impolite comments about their hygiene. But for a hipster, his identity is what makes him. Hipsters understand the importance of personal hygiene only to what they consider essential, and not hitting salons for add makeovers. Hipsters accept themselves as they are and this is what makes them a hipster.

I’m a hipster

3. Do the ‘new’:


Doing new isn’t always about owning new things to define you. It can also be about respecting the past and demonstrating that even old things can become new. It’s not about owning a new Apple gadget that makes you to date with the world. Even a small phone can solve the purpose. It’s not only about a sedan; even a bicycle can ride you to destination.

Do the ‘new’

2. Make out of the box choices:

Hipsters may do things they way they like, we may accept or discard their actions and perceptions, but one thing that we cannot resist but learn from hipsters is that making out of the box choices is the best and the easiest way to walk past the regular with head held high. Following the league isn’t the right choice and making your own road is the way to be.

Make out of the box choices


1. Popular is not always better:


No matter how cool and trendy we are, one thing that we all know is that owning everything popular, or being all things popular isn’t always a better choice, and this is what a hipster professes so well in his way of living and his appearance. Hipsters are geeks thus they fancy being laureates in maths, science, liberal and graphic arts etc, something that we cool dudes don’t really consider popular.

Popular is not always better


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