Top 10 Things Money Can’t Buy for You

8:00 am 27 Apr, 2013

Money is quite understandably the most important thing in our lives. But those who say “It’s all about money, honey,” will be little disappointed by reading this article because there are numerous things money cannot buy. Such is the color of money that even a kid from an ordinary family makes it his/her ambition to earn big bucks. This has become the mentality of our future generation. Money gives an advantage to have many more things, to enrich our life. But there are certain things that it cannot afford to buy. Even if you are a billionaire, there are certain things which you can enjoy without money. We present a listing of top 10 things money can’t buy for you.

10. Home:

Money can buy a house but definitely never a home. There are some people who feel they are stuck in a marriage; even if they have kids, they feel terribly incomplete. Life is a mess for them because of their disturbed personal life. They feel as if they are jailed in a house with people. Their house could never become the home they want.


9. Respect:

Money can buy you society’s adulation but not respect. Dignity is never taken for granted; you have got to earn it. It is one of the most fragile public possessions. This is like an asset that you consistently need to work on.


8. Beauty or Brain:

Money can buy a dozen books but it cannot buy the brain. You are either born with it or not. The same is true with physical appearance or beauty. Though rich folks go in for a facelift or cosmetic surgery, it still cannot compete with natural beauty. In the same way, even son of an auto driver can be a real gem of talent. It is no surprise. This is a proven fact that you simply cannot buy talent, however lucky you are, with all your stacked cash.

Beauty or Brain

7. Health:

We all have heard this adage in school health is treated as precious as wealth. Though, it is not even remotely associated with money. Money can buy healthcare facilities but it cannot replace health, once it is gone. It is always a wise choice to take precautionary measures to stay fit and healthy. We should take good care of our eating habits and exercising schedule because it can never be replaced by any amount of money.


6. Sleep or Appetite:

Money can buy a king-sized bed but one of the major things money can’t buy is a good night’s sleep. Similarly it can buy delicious food but it cannot buy the appetite for it. However rich you are, you would feel helpless if you are awake all night or you do not feel like eating even your favorite dish.

Sleep or Appetite

5. Relationship:

Money can buy you acquaintances but not friends. You cannot influence either your family or friends with loaded cash. You need to work on those delicate bonds; you must invest your precious time and effort in those relations to make them healthy and let them stay forever with you.


4. Peace of mind:

Peace is not a commodity to buy or sell, there is no money involved in it. It is a state of mind. Just take a pause and think for a moment that if you do not have money, still what are your possessions? Your family, your health, your psychological abilities like confidence, trust, hopes or attitude is not determined by the amount of money you have. Money is important, but we should not cease to think that it is the most important thing in the world.

Peace of mind

3. Love:

It is a cliché that money cannot buy love, perhaps ‘The Beatles’ were the first to announce it to the world. Money can get you the first few looks of attention in the form of lust, but love in its real form originates from a deep sense of respect and care. It is all about sharing mutual experiences and taking the journey of growing together. People, who marry for money, hardly ever realize love.


2. Happiness:

Money can buy one amusement but happiness is one of the top things money can’t buy. It can buy you some fun and frolic like a cool vacation, expensive household items, a fast car but it cannot buy the true happiness that comes from your satisfaction with self, your stable relationships and with a good familial support system.


1. Time:

Your time is limited and that is why it is so precious. It is free yet priceless. You cannot travel back in time, which has already passed, so value it. Learn to live every moment that you have. Take control of your life, live with a purpose, add a meaning to it. Remember: you live only once.


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