Top 10 Things Men Secretly Stress About

Updated on 28 Dec, 2013 at 3:31 pm


Men, the harder race, as they are known are actually more prone to stress than women. The best part about women is that we find different things to tackle our stress issues. With men, it is the opposite! They will keep on sulking, without addressing the problem. Men stress about various issues like their body, their image and their attitude but their biggest stress is related to the woman in their life. Now, this doesn’t mean that the girls are always doing things that cause tension to the guys; it is just that men easily take stress out of the situations. They freak out pretty soon. I mean, girls will put forward a thing and then forget about it but guys will keep on thinking on the same line. Actually, the main problem is their one track mind! So, if you are confused about the weird behavior your guy is showing lately, scroll down to have a look at the ten things men secretly stress about.

10. Insecurity:

This is like the biggest issue in every man’s life. They are constantly worried about the bills of the house and the things that need to be put in, in short, money is their constant worry. It is justified as he has to provide for the needs of the family. But the sad part is that they will never admit to it and keep on sulking about it. To help your man, talk to him and set a budget, which will ease him a little.


9. Image:

It is always said that women love to admire themselves in the mirror but actually it is more of a man’s thing! Yes, guys love themselves more than anything else. Their body, their hair, their clothes, everything should be perfect and when it is even a little less than perfect, they freak out. To help your man, the best thing to do is to keep on telling him frequently that he is just amazing!


8. Silence:

They love shouting! But they hate the silence. Yes, men hate the cold vibrations. After a fight when a woman decides not to talk about it and let things cool by, guys stress out like anything. They want answers every time, even when they are not ready to listen to them. The best way to help your man in such a situation is by talking to him. Though, it seldom works.


7. Silly conversations:


Now this one is a bit genuine. After a long day of work when he comes back home and you start jabbing about the house issues, he is bound to freak out. You can actually help him overcome his stress by thinking before you start cribbing in front of him. Give him the peace of mind, let him settle down and after that he is all yours!

Silly conversations

6. The cool attitude of a woman:

He is always after your life to be cool and not to bother him 24X7 but when you actually do it, guys get stressed! Yes, they are so used to you that they keep on thinking as what might have been the issue that you are not bothering him. Well, men are like true humans, they are not happy in any case!

The cool attitude of a woman

5. Deadlines:

Guys hate deadlines, they just freak out if they are given time limits and ultimatums. The feeling of insecurity and anger overpower them when you say, you better finish this or I am leaving! In this case, rather than being impulsive, try and be patient with him. Try making him understand your part and why you actually did this, it will ease him a little.


4. Dominance:

Dominance comes straight to their ego and ego is something a man is closest to. He hates it when a woman starts dominating his life. He will keep on stressing about it and if the woman is special, he will keep on sulking within himself. The best way to help him is by making him realize that he is important and respecting his ego, if he is right.


3. Office:

He will never come and tell you that there is a moron at his workplace who keeps on bugging him. But he stresses out at this situation. A guy won’t want his girl to know that he is not able to tackle a person but sometimes this does happen and that freaks them out. Take interest in his work life and try helping him by giving some intelligent suggestions.


2. No relationship satisfaction:

Men need the satisfaction in a relationship much more than women. If they are not satisfied, it will affect their work as well as their health. They are more vulnerable in a relationship than women. Help your man by giving him your hundred percent, this will make him stronger and happier!

No relationship satisfaction

1. Health:


Men secretly stress about their health! Yes, they keep on worrying, not for themselves but for the family they have to take care of. The best way to help your man in such a situation is by getting him routine body checkups; this will make him feel much better, both physically and mentally.


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