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Top 10 Things Girls Hate About Boys

Updated on 15 January, 2020 at 4:33 pm By

Before spewing this list I would like to clarify that I’m not taking a stand for girls, but the points mentioned here certainly hold true for them. However some guys are a natural magnet for opposite sex, yet their “certain activities” often create a considerable gulf between two polar.  With the expectation to enjoy the ride of this article, TopYaps lists ten things girls hate about boys.


10. Bad breath:

This is not ‘macho’ enough for a boy because his girl can slap the hell out of him for the cow crap odor. Generally, boys are cocky in nature and they don’t care about the smell of their own breath. Rather they enjoy it. It’s just like standing in holy silence and enjoying the aroma of our own farts more as compared to others. And if there is a girl who can deal with the disgusting smell then she is apparently a godsend soul.

9. Judging her often:

Boys are kings, kings are rulers and rulers are of only 12 inches then why the heck they always cook something f***ed up in their bull****ter head. Girls hate being judged. Don’t ever try to compare her with your ex or other girls otherwise she can move in for the wrath-attack. The deadly and ultimate silent treatment is always applied by gals on different blokes for jetting the same s**t in tomboy-ish style.

8. Ignoring her in group meeting:

Now, this one is all about balancing your relationship. In this materialistic world nobody loves to be ignored for whatever reason. And dude, she is a girl. If she is saying even the stupidest thing, it will be presented in shape of America but if you put something authentic, it will be converted into pe**s size. She constitutes the legal power to present herself as a honey-bunny in any group meet. Refocus your attention on her, make her feel special and chuck out the crap of emotional infidelity.

7. Calling her fat:

No doubt, she has collected couple of s**t pounds on her bod here and there (technically she is fat) but still pretends to be JLO. It is a rotten psychological programming of the world that whenever a health-concerned-angle is called fat, she quickly stores your remark in her memory which could be used anytime to blackmail you emotionally. Don’t jump into the swamp. Let her continue the household-eating-habit thing (be it size 0 or size 40).

6. Ridiculing her in front of others:

Boys have an uncanny habit to bop each other since their childhood whereas girls grow up managing the stuffs of relationship. Girls are extremely emotional in nature and can’t ever tolerate witty comments or attitude. The habit of fingering girls with sarcastic crap in public place is indeed a mean minded act of boys. Dude, shut the f**k up and grow some brain. She deserves to be the center of attention with full respect. She is a she!

5. Showing interest in other girl:

Man, if you are buzzing around other chicks then only Jesus can save your a$$. The jealousy thing in girls is an inborn quality and they can get jealous over anything. And if she does care about you as a boyfriend then she will surely say – “Better to stay away from this yucky whore.”  Okay mate, stop your “pick-nick” and move ahead for a healthy relationship. Don’t apply your logic here as girls are big-fat hypocrites.

4. Cursing her family:

This one is the deadliest sin conducted by male department. A girl would never hear anything against her family (holy territory). She can rip your head off and for entire life you will be treated like a green-eyed monster for cooking the recipe of disaster. The result of your exceptional phrase could be explosive in nature and also produces fodder for the next bash. You will be certainly doomed!

3. Politics over wet towels:

This one is the most disgusting habit of boys and especially an eyesore for girls. Leaving the towel anywhere is enough to pi** her off. But who cares? Boys have to maintain their dignity which was formulated during hostel days. He wants to realize her that he is a holy a****le and she has to accept his slob habits. Moreover, he has got the ego of a boy and can’t hang his towel on hooks where dry and clean stuffs are already hanging. But beware dude, the same towel can show you the face of devil with binary numbers, spelled backward.

2. Cheating:

The process of cheating can’t be specified on the basis of gender, it’s all about showing the qualities better than others. However, consequence of cheating and lying might differ at both ends. Talking about girls: they are master in capturing pathological cheaters but also they are clouded with dense emotion. Well, it’s a point of ethics. Boys should be loyal with girls and must avoid pooping in their pants secretively.

1. Forgetting her birthday:

This one is a cardinal sin and the biggest part of this sin is to survive yourself, anyhow. Man, this event is not a puffed commercial lie. It is a “woman” thing. And if you are avoiding this thing, you will be crushed for sure because you’ve created a hell of a lot worse than pi***d. You have to admit in front of her that you’re a whacko who loves her today and everyday. Avoid the situation of red-flag-up.



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