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Top 10 Things Girls Discuss In All Girls’ Night Out

Published on 4 July, 2013 at 10:49 am By

Either you are single or taken; it doesn’t really matter when it comes to girls’ night out. It’s a perfect excuse to go a little ‘high’ and cross the lines. A perfect time when gulping a few more cocktails would not make you a drunkard, chatting for few more hours would not label you as gossip girls and commenting a guy or two wouldn’t make much difference. But what do you think the girls sitting at that corner would be doing apart from gulping their favorite cocktails? Talking would be a very general of an answer, but ‘talking what’ is something that sets the curiosity on fire. So, here are the top 10 things that girls discuss in all girls’ night out:

10. Boys, Boys and Boys:

Not that they are obsessed with boys, it’s just that they want to discuss all that can never be discussed with guys. Like, the one you are dating is a bore, who do you find the hottest amongst the guys sitting right behind you, how do you plan to approach that super-hot guy out there, and that tacky pick-up line a guy used to impress you.

Boys, Boys and Boys

9. The three P’s: Pains, Possessions and Periods:


Any gossip would be incomplete without these three P’s. No girl can resist telling her girl friends about what all she brought home in the last shopping session—all her priced possessions. A gossip can sometime turn a bit sappy when the girls start discussing their pains—may be about that recent breakup. And at times when the girls suddenly turn intellectual and talk about the doctor appointments, irregularity in their monthly cycles and much more!

The three P’s—Pains, Possessions and Periods

8. Page-3 News:

Yes, ladies are not much into news and current affairs (exceptions are always there) but they still manage to discuss the page-3 news. The latest actress with that new upcoming dude, which co-stars are spotted together, and who is actually dating whom! Girls can never miss out on page-3 news and discuss the deepest details of every possible news.

Page 3

7. Confessions Of A Shopaholic:

Let’s just face it now—ladies love shopping! There are times when they just over-shop, make over-use of their better half’s/boyfriend’s credit card and then lie awfully. Obviously this top secret can never be disclosed to anyone except for someone who’s already into something similar.

Confessions Of A Shopaholic

6. Relationships:

Of course nobody discusses it when all is going well. When their world turns into a topsy-turvy land; girls’ night out seems the safest outlet to vent out their feelings. How he has started acting like nerds, how boring turn life has taken and how it’s just not working any more.


5. Social Issues:

Don’t misunderstand the statement. Social issues are not something related to the world, but everything related to their world. Whom is she dating? With whom she was spotted kissing? Is she earning more than her husband? Are they getting divorced? I bet she’s a homosexual. And the list continues…

Social Issues

4. The Prime Time:

Oh this is the most happening of all—-discussing the virtual world, the T.V serials. Elena wore that beautiful dress to the graduation party, Damon is too hot to get off, Serena Wanderwoodsen is again the talk of the town in gossip girls and Greg’s anatomy is just not going on the track.

The Prime Time

3. How Did They Turn (Invisibly) Overweight?:


Over reacting on weight put-on issues is one of the favorite and most serious discussions. How they gained a pound after returning from cousin’s marriage and then managed to shed it a week before this night out?

How Did They Turn (Invisibly) Overweight?

2. Food:

No matter how much they discuss their weight gain stories, they still discuss and want to have their favorite street foods. The burger, the hot dog and the street noodles—nothing in the world tastes better than these. And food is incomplete without being discussed!


1. That Lovely Last Night:


This discussion about the super romantic night can go a little over the top, provided you have the right kind of friends. You know what we mean! Sharing the funny experiences, the highs and lows top the hit list here. Girls claim that this is the most hilarious of all the discussions.

That Lovely Last Night

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