Top 10 things everybody should do before they die

Updated on 11 May, 2012 at 11:08 am


Life sometimes seems too short to do all the things that we want to do. For the wandering mind, a single life is hardly enough to be able to do it all as it spans across the skies that cover the planet and dive deep into the seas to the bottom of the ocean. It is never enough no matter how much you try to comprehend it. History is full of accounts of people doing new and more exciting things to make their lives seem like a tiny bit significant, so what have we done or are going to do before life one day asserts itself. Here is a short list from TopYaps of ten things that we should do before we die.

10. Go Surfing:

Surfing is one of the best outdoor activities that you can indulge in it. Only some things are more beautiful than the ocean and it is indeed a great experience to ride the waves. In many ways it is a great way to come close to one of the most significant forces of nature, water. Surf the waves and ride out the tide and while you’re at it, pause as you speed up on the surf and watch the water flow all around.


9. Go see the Amazon:

Hurry, there may not really be much time left. The rate at which we are consuming our forests is pushing it dangerously close to extinction. The Amazon rainforest is one of the wonders of the world considering the fact that it’s so dense that there are areas that are still undiscovered. So while there’s still time, be sure to see the rainforest and if you can try to save it.


8. Scuba dive:

While it may not sound like the most adventurous thing to do, it is indeed one of the most beautiful. The oceans of the world hold many things that are seen and unseen but all of them worth seeing. A simple dive onto a shallow floor or a deep sea dive to see the a world within our world, the choice is yours but this is definitely something you should do.

Scuba Diving


7. Climb a mountain:

Although it may not be possible for you to climb on one of the seven summits, you can still go on and climb a mountain at least once in your lifetime. Very few things will compare to how the world below looks like from the top of a mountain. The feeling of being higher than the rest of the world definitely deserves to be felt.

mountain climb

6. Sky Dive:

Skydiving is an extreme sport which is not really for everyone but if you have the guts to jump out of a plane which is flying very high then you should do it. The next best thing to flying, it is an exhilarating experience that you can’t really imagine what it’s going to be like unless you are up in the plane in the sky and ready to jump.

Sky Dive

5. The Wonders of the World:

It may be a bit far to think that you would see all Seven Wonders of the World, but make it a point to see at least three wonders of the world. Marvels of man’s artistry and construction all of them are indeed very beautiful and should be gazed upon by as many eyes as possible. The good thing is that today we have more than a single set of world wonders.

seven wonders

4. Go to Africa:

An African safari is one of the best outdoor activities in the whole world. You truly have to be out there to experience the wild. The thrill of being in the jungle although not as dangerous as you may imagine, it is still enough to get your adrenaline up and pumping.


3. Go Around the world:

They say that the world is really round and that if you start from one place, you are sure to come back to the same place that you started out from. Today there are many ways that you can do that but be sure that you make it worth your while as you go around the world. Look to visit every continent to add that extra spice to your voyage, while most of the continents will be a breeze, one should certainly pack a wallop.

World Tour

2. Travel to an extreme place:

Live in extreme conditions for some period of time. Enjoy life as the people of these harsh places do. There are many harsh places that you can visit. Some are harsh by nature and some have been made harsh. Experience the troubles of the world to its fullest as you go to a different kind of an extreme.

Extreme place


1. Do something new:

Do something that nobody’s ever done before, it’s the topper on this list simply because everyone is unique and the more it spreads across the world, the better it is.

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