Top 10 Television Shows Of All Time

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1:25 pm 16 Nov, 2010

One just can’t imagine his life without television. Since we were a kid, we used to copy the actions of our favorite characters in the daily life. How they smile, how they talk, walk, scream or whatever. Television world has witnessed various shows and series relating the life of a common man. In this article, we bring you a list of top 10 most popular television shows of all time. Have a look.

1. Heroes

This science fiction television drama of 4 seasons with 77 episodes was created by Tim Kring. This series was telecasted on NBC (National Broadcasting Company) from 25 September 2006 to 8 February 2010 and claimed a bunch of awards and nominations. The stories of this series were identical to comic books and depicted the ordinary people with the superhuman abilities.


top 10 television shows of all time


2. The Simpsons

The Simpsons is best known for being a milestone in the history of animated television series. Winner of dozens of awards since its inception on 17 December 1989, The Simpsons was made by Matt Groening and comprises the non-stop list of 22 seasons. A spoof of American culture, the main characters of this series are Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge, and Maggie. It was also declared as the best television series of the 20th century by Time magazine in its December 31, 1999 edition.


top 10 television shows of all time


3. Moonlighting

An everlasting combination of romance, drama, and comedy, this American television series was created by Glenn Gordon Caron which was broadcasted on American Broadcasting Company from March 3, 1985, to May 14, 1989. Airing 66 episodes and starring Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd in leading roles, Moonlighting is credited as the first successful dramatic-comedy television series in American history.


top 10 television shows of all time


4. Prison Break

This suspenseful thriller television series is the story of two brothers; one has been falsely imprisoned and the second one enforces an idea to help his brother escape. This serial drama is created by Paul Scheuring and was aired on Fox Broadcasting Company from 2005 to 2009. Consisting 4 seasons and 81 episodes, its debut show was viewed by 10.5 million spectators.


top 10 television shows of all time


5. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

This television situation comedy (sitcom) was published on NBC from September 22, 1994, to May 6, 2004, and was created by Marta Kauffman and David Crane. Nominated for 63 Primetime Emmy Awards, this series consisted total 236 episodes and made a great cultural impact during its runtime.


top 10 television shows of all time


6. All In The Family

Revolving around the stubborn veteran of World War II, Archie Bunker, this evergreen sitcom was telecasted on CBS from January 12, 1971, to April 8, 1979. Comprising 9 seasons with 208 episodes, this television show was created by Norman Lear, who conceptualized its plot from the popular British TV series – “Till Death Do US Apart”. Due to its unparalleled success, this series was esteemed by the United States Postal Service on a stamp of 33 cent.


top 10 television shows of all time


7. I Love Lucy

Translated into different languages across the world, this black and white American sitcom was aired on CBS from October 15, 1951, to May 6, 1957. However, after ending in 1957 with 6 seasons and 181 episodes, this television show was followed by “The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show” for three years. Created by Jess Oppenheimer, Madelyn Davis, and Bob Carroll Jr., this series grabbed five Emmy Awards.


top 10 television shows of all time


8. Cheers

Covering a wide span of 11 years from 1982 to 1993, this highly rated sitcom television series syndicated its 270 episodes worldwide. Record holder of 28 Emmy awards, this series revolves around a bar where a group of folks meets to relax, chat, drink and have entertainment. This widely watched television series was created by James Burrows, Glen Charles, and Les Charles.


top 10 television shows of all time


9. The Sopranos

Created by David Chase, this American drama series revolves around the life of a criminal organization’s head, Tony Soprano. Winner of 5 Golden Globes and 21 Emmy Awards, this series is considered as the most economically successful television series till the date of mainstream recognition. In crime genre, The Sopranos beats other television shows with its awe-inspiring plot and everlasting performances by the crew. Started on HBO on January 10, 1999, this mega show of 6 seasons and 86 episodes ended on June 10, 2010.


top 10 television shows of all time


10. Seinfeld

This cultural phenomenon and financial blockbuster was created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, which was aired from July 5, 1989, to May 14, 1998, on NBC. Critically favorite, Seinfeld consisted 9 seasons with 180 episodes and claimed laurels across the world. The story revolves around the stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld, his best buddy George, Jerry’s ex-girlfriend, Elaine and Cosmo Kramer, Jerry’s cracked neighbor.


top 10 television shows of all time

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