Top 10 Surefire Ways to Win Back Your Ex

12:00 pm 2 May, 2013

It pains a lot when long term relationships are over. For most it is similar to a tumbler made up of glass that once breaks is difficult to realize in its original form. However, it is always better to give a last shot before calling it off. It doesn’t take much in real terms to win back your ex than a nice gift bent on knees and a promise of not repeating the mistake again.

10. Realization:

One of the most important things that you could do in order to win your ex back is to make the person realize that you still care for them. In case you are serious about winning them back try to enter his/her life as a friend and let them realize that no one, but you are the best pick. It is the first step towards finding a place once again in their heart.


9. Be mature:

Nothing better than playing mature (even if you are immature at heart) can help you win back the love of your life. It proves that you are a person who lives in reality and has feet firmly fixed on ground. The more you act as a cry baby in front of your ex, the more the person would avoid thinking you need him/her more than the other way around. Play the game as if nothing was present ever between both of you. This would attract your ex towards you in no time.

Be mature

8. Don’t spy:

Majority of the people commit this basic mistake and end up irritating the ex all the more. They make it a point to spy on the other person’s Facebook or Twitter account or with whom he/she is hanging around after ending the relationship. This is the most gravest of follies and only adds up to more tensions between the two persons than helping out in some way.

Don’t spy

7. Smile can do the trick:

If a smile can win even the cruelest of the opponent in war, then what stops you from trying it to win back your ex? Always make it a point to smile to your ex (even if your heart is seriously crying) in greeting whenever you meet him/her face on. A smiling face can easily win hearts and therefore one of the most potent solutions to win your ex. However, showing too much of happiness over the face can also send wrong signals to the person who could confuse it with elation over finally escaping out his/her controls, so beware to draw the line.

Smile can do the trick

6. No blackmailing:

Majority of the guys in particular lose out their respect in eyes of the girl once they decide to blackmail them for the intimate time she spent with him during their relationship. It not only negates all the possible chances of re-union, but also terminates any chance of winning over the girl in future as she would be well aware about your motives.

No blackmailing

5. Don’t stop wishing:

Those who stop wishing the ex on special days that include his/her birthday or Valentine day are closing on any kind of chance of re-uniting with the person again. Be sensitive and generous in wishing you ex. No one could be too stone hearted not to consider the feelings of the other person even when the relation no longer exists.

Don’t stop wishing

4. Don’t find a replacement too soon:

Don’t go for a replacement with a thought in mind that if your ex doesn’t care why should you? This could only backfire in the long run, especially if the new story too ends the same way.  Also, this makes the other person sure about your infidelity, and there is no chance you’ll get another try. How can anyone trust you all over again?

Don’t find a replacement too soon

3. Target ex’s best buddy:

Who better than targeting ex’s best buddy in sorting out the deal for you. It is a long followed tradition and still fires up when needed the most. Even if it takes a bit of bribing don’t hesitate to go ahead and book the ex’s buddy to accomplish the deal for you. In case the buddy fails to cut the ice, try another close friend.

Target ex’s best buddy

2. Admit your mistake:

In case you are really serious about the matter and can’t afford to live without your ex, then try to arrange a meeting at the earliest possible. The only agenda behind the meeting should be to admit your follies that led to strain in relations and vow in front of the ex not to repeat the mistake again. It is a master stroke and especially if you are a guy who wants to win over your girl again. However, the promise should be genuine; otherwise it won’t take long to land you in the soup again.

Admit your mistake

1. Friends can help:

There is no one better than your friend to help out in solving the matter for you. Your best buddy can act as a mediator and carry the messages to the both sides. In fact in more than 90 per cent of the cases, it is your best pal or the common friend of the couple that has broken the ice between the two. It may take some serious effort, but if the result is positive why not give it a shot.

Friends can help

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